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A question about the PC benchmark's connection to the Campaign

Don’t attack me for giving importance to graphics

Anyways, today I’ve checked out the PC benchmark footage that’s included in the Tech Test.(
And I’ve noticed that the graphics seemed, well…very much downgraded, compared to the short campaign footage from last year’s reveal trailer: (look at about 3:18)

What I’m asking here is; is the benchmark actually representitive of the campaign’s graphics?

Graphics are of course far from being the most important thing in a video game.

Your Benchmark was at 1080p.

Gears 5 Campaign Trailer was 4K.

This is not my video, it’s one of many, in which the benchmark looks exactly the same

It’s always the same: Badass 8K resolution Eye Candy Edition video footage released a year before the game is released and when the time finally comes you realize it’s all BS and you’re back to SD quality.

Every single developer does this, heck even CD Project Red did it with with Witcher 3 although in this case it needs to be said the game engine was good enough that said quality was achievable with mods at the end.

Nice graphics are nice and all but it’s gameplay that keeps you playing. I just wish they were more honest about it in the first place.

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Gameplay and cutscene graphics aren’t necessarily going to look at the same level of graphical fidelity.

  • The cutscenes are acted out and prerendered.
  • The gameplay is having to be rendered in real time.

The biggest example I ever saw for a disparity between how the initial cutscene looked and the actual gameplay was Hellgate: London.

In regards to the user above pointing out how gaming companies have in the past shown stuff at E3 then the game comes out a few years later looking considerably worse; I completely agree. Super frustrating stuff.

Didn’t they confirm Real time Cutscene for Gears, similiar to God of War?

Rod did say that, yes. Back at E3 during the PC games panel where they showed the Fahz cutscene. I can’t remember if he said all cutscenes will be, but it does seem like a giant portion of them will be real-time. Which is great for many reasons, those of us with 4K screens don’t have to put up with terribly compressed looking video like Gears 4, the file size will be smaller, and we should be able to skip more than just a handful of cutscenes.

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Haven’t they showed off mo cap actors playing out scenes?

Edit: Yes

TC has the VA’s also acting out some of the scenes.

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Okay well, I’m starting to think that the benchmark doesn’t really have anything to do with the campaign and that it’s just put together with some assets

Stop lying about CD Projekt Red.

Before you say anything bad about Witcher franchise, wash your mouth!

Its meant to assess what framerate (and variation) you will likely get in campaign with your PC using whatever settings you have selected for the benchmark.

This data can also be helpfully for people wanting to play a particular game and seeing what hardware they need to get in order to run the game as the graphical fidelity and framerate they desire.

Lying? what are you taking about? Go watch the first ever released trailer of the game and then compare it to videos from early 2015. You don’t see small differences, you see a completely different light/shadows/weather system.

They had to tune it down to make it work for consoles, luckily the engine was good enough that people managed to fix it with mods.

Just to be clear: It’s the PC version I’m talking about.

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pretty sure it’s a way to utilize and test all the different effects present in the game and engine. this is why you have some really low quality sections. it’s not supposed to be a visual treat like the final product.

parts looked rough, like xbox360 rough, in both Gear4 and 5 benchmarks.

as for being apart of the campaign I think it will be since the Gears 4 benchmark was a campaign section. all it needs is more IQ, particle effects and it would look really nice. it’s probably a super old build of that section( 6-12 months) so the polish isn’t there yet.

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