A question about the Chrome Steel weapon skins

I may have this completely wrong, but if someone can explain or confirm this to me.

The entire Chrome Steel set was available to buy for £8.50.

But before, a single Chrome Steel skin would cost 400 Iron so approx £4.

I believe The Coalition had released 14 Chrome Steel skins out of the original 18 weapon skins.

Meaning people would’ve payed roughly £56 for an incomplete weapon set.

But now the entire set is available for £8.50.

So if you were to purchase the Chrome Steel set now so that you could complete the entire set after previously buying the skins individually for 400 Iron.
The Coalition basically took £56 off you and gave you essentially nothing in return.

On top of that and I could be wrong, but I believe you don’t get a Chrome Steel Scorcher included in that.

So you’re paying real money for an incomplete set that makes people’s previously very overpriced purchases a complete waste of money.

Again, I may be completely wrong I haven’t purchased any Chrome Steel stuff ever.

But if it’s the way I’m understanding it in this thread is this not really dirty, like really really dirty by The Coalition.
To waste people’s money like that and then still not give them a full set?.

If someone could clarify any of this that would be great.

I remember the conversion rate was £1 = 200 Iron from the 6,000 + 4,000 = 10,000 Iron pack which must’ve costed £49.99 (£50).



6 skins at 400 Iron (2,400) + Rifle pack 1,000 + Power pack 1,000 = 4,400 Iron.

The 14 weapon skins added up to 4,400+ Iron (having bought 400, not 500).

4,400 Iron / 200 Iron = £22.

So if you bought the £50 Iron pack, then all those 14 Chrome Steels costed a total of £22.

The 100 Iron = £1 only applies if you bought 100 Iron, many times.

It does open your eyes about how much the price has dropped. They stopped releasing them around early - mid October, and it has been a year and four months. You could say that owning them for over a year, was somewhat exclusive as they stopped releasing them in Store, and now the price dropped.


It’s retail. Businesses put products on sale all the time. It doesn’t mean that those who previously purchased said product are automatically entitled to a refund.


I would say this WOULD apply if TC had released the Chrome Steel Precision weapons PROPERLY. Not mysteriously have them vanish after a couple minutes to never be heard from again until now where you still pay price of the full set when you previously bought most of the set. I’m not asking for a free handout but to have the option to buy the precision weapons separately.


Same thing already happened to me with Cobweb lol only difference is that I had to buy the whole set after only needing precision set, with coins and not money… however all the other gun sets were bought with Iron because that started dropping at the end of Op 3, right before they did the new store in Op 4, which was dumb anyway they had 2 weeks left of Op 3 they could have dropped the Precision set for Cobweb before Op 4, but for whatever reason never did.

I get that, but i still think there’s a fine line between respecting your customers time/money and ripping them off.

Even if it isn’t as bad as i original thought, The Coalition don’t seem to release content in a very structured manor or in a way that is clear to the player and well thought out.

The way The Coalition have handled microtransactions is exactly the reason why i don’t spend money on them.

The best thing they could do is provide the full set and the Precision weapon set separately for some other iron cost.

I think they should do this purely to acknowledge the fact thats players who brought the skins previously with real money will already have majority of the set. So to fix that they could add those skins to the esports section of the store then atleast players who are only missing those can get just those rather than paying full cost and people who dont have any of the skins can just get the fullset.

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