A QoL feature idea for PvE(that was in Gears 4 already)

The idea is simple : Show indicators of damage bonuses for the temporary damage bonuses like Bullet Chain, Bullet Boost or Blade Dancer, and conditional damage bonuses such as Consecutive Shot on Nomad. This feature already existed for other skills in Gears 4 such as the Berserker card for the Heavy class increasing the damage dealt as your health went down, or Magic Bullet for the Sniper, showing the damage bonus change when your health went down/regenerated or when you built stacks of Magic Bullet on the Sniper and lost them.

It may not be or seem like a big thing but can be really helpful to see where your current damage potential is at especially with Consecutive Shot as there is no reliable way of telling how high the stacks are and if you just lost them.


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Also, the HB DLC had the countdown displayed in seconds, that would be very neat as well.

Here’s a quick mock-up I did of how it could look. This would show when the card is active, how many stacks are active, and how much time is left for that stack. This is similar to how Destiny approaches this.

Of course they could just put +”whatever damage %” indicator at the top similar to how it’s done when you’re using damage perks in Horde. I like the idea of having a timer counting down so you know how long the stack is active.


Pretty sure that @NEON_VEL0CITY was asking for this when @BChaps did a stream with Michael shanon and dana on it. Cant remember what the exact answer was though.

Perhaps they can remember??

Ideally it should appear by the weapon icon to be less intrusive while still visible. My idea was just to have a damage counter that goes up or down based on number of stacks active for the temporary bonuses. For Magic Bullet which is the closest to what Consecutive Shot is in Gears 5, the game showed the damage increase before only leaving an icon below the weapon showing how many stacks you had at any given time.

But doesn’t really matter how it looks so long as it’s there. I always thought it was odd they didn’t implement anything like this even since launch when we had stuff like the Adrenaline Junkie damage bonus for Mac in the venom stuff present then already(mostly would have been useful to figuring out which parts of the venom it worked in as there seemed to be some who were confused by the description).

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I wondered that too. Like it works with Marcus on last ditch. How does it not do it for the others

Sorry “Veteran”

Showing every player healthbar with numbers would be cool adittion too, maybe not always on screen, but through the com.

Would be useful to actually test all those “damage reduction” cards and perks


Yes please,
Also I like values I’d like to see numbers for health and Stim. How much is 100% Stim anyways ?
Unless it’s in an I can’t see it.


Knowing how much Stim one has would be a nice addition. Playing as a Brawler or Infiltrator is fun till you run out of the stuff because you misjudge the amount of stim you have and the number of hits you can tank before it breaks.

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I was thinking about this when playing Nomad formerly known as Paduk lol.

I try to read the damage number so I know I still have it or increased it but most time if not all the numbers fly passed. A nice little indicator next to your weapon would be a welcome sight or at some indicator to tell you lol.

This is a fantastic idea.

It’s a “nice to have”, not a “need to have”. It’s on their list, but not a high priority.

If I had to guess, I’d say we’re probably not gonna see it in G5.
If PvE sticks with the current system for G6 though,iI’d be surprised if they didn’t implement it.


If this was to be ever implemented, i would suggest an option to turn it off. For people like me, there is enough going off on screen, having numbers pop up too would be too much. I do not know about others but i do find these distracting. Any game i play that has floating numbers get turned off, and if i can not turn them off, depending upon how annoying they are, it is a high chance game over.

I’d be down with that, as long as they also let us use Locust and Lambent skins in PvE.

I’ve been thinking that they could give them the Jack Hijack effect to help avoid confusion of having enemies on your team.

Someone suggested that TC just do what they did for the Swarm skins in the campaign, turn the lights on their armor and weapons blue instead of red, I think that is a good idea.

I agree. In GOW4 this feature for Magic Bullet didn’t clutter the screen as it appeared next to the gun/ammo counter box in the top right of the screen (if I remember correctly). It just showed the percentage of extra damage that was being applied at the time.

I agree more with this, but is too late to see new enemies here. I expect to see brand new enemies from Swarm side on Gears 6, not damn boring wanna be Vanquish/Binary Domain enemies or One Punch Man monsters.

For me is bettter to see them on Gears 6, on the campaing with a good backstory and later on Horde, with new animations, weapons and everything you except from a new Game, not in a 1 year old game. Hivebusters DLC was a perfect oportunity but instead we got a big bird that seems came from Monster Hunter or Yugioh.