A pro who wants to help things improve. Hear me out?(PVP thread)

When ‘Gears 5’ and ‘pro’ (or variations thereof) are uttered, without any sense of irony or jocularity, in the same sentence, it’s safe to say we are screwed as a species.

Still, let the comedy continue… :slight_smile:

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Pro scene messed up Halo, I don’t want it to mess up Gears next. The word of the community should overweigh the words of the few pros. I’ve yet to find anyone who unironically uses an esports team weapon skins, and I’m almost positive people just get that weird jacket Kait skin just because it’s primarily exclusive to a pack, fairly unique, looks pretty nice on Kait, and in some cases, I’ve seen some still tell me it makes their hitbox smaller.

As always, Pro scene should be a secondary to game devs. If you’ve got to largely ignore your general audience/playerbase in favor of some teams, you will- in the end- lose a majority, if not all, of the people who would fund the event through microtransactions and viewership


No. These are the people making skewed, biased takes, on a system, that no longer reflects their past experience.

Damn their opinion, TC should listen to players like me who study the mechanics for the love of it, not MONEY.

People call me the top 1% in PvE, well maybe I am, but it’s not just because I play a lot, it’s because for over a decade I’ve looked into, tested, analyzed, and pushed the mechanics of the game specifically for only the love of it.

Others QQ “It’s too hard” because they won’t do the same. They want normal guns to BTFO big enemies on the hardest difficulty before they can even go down.

It’s absolutely ridiculous, and this sentiment from the pros is coming from exactly the same place.

They want it easier, FOR THEM. The revert will bring the game closer to where their experience from the past games lie. They don’t want to have to adapt to the current system because they know the meta, and the players at the top of it, will inevitably shift.

They are protecting their territory, and I’m doing as much as well by firing back on him, and the QQ’ers here.

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I think the game plays pretty good right now minus major hit detection issues and random moments of input lag. The roll speed and transition to shooting should be adjusted.

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I think this is the best solution.

But not yet.

Have any of these changes actually landed for anyone?

Consider that it may take a matter of months, not days, to adapt and properly appraise the new system, right?

NO ONE is used to it yet.

I’m still changing my tactics each time I go in escape/horde, trying to abuse the movement to do better.

It’s been working, you can actually slip by the enemies shots and handle them a little easier if you figure out the techniques that are functional.

It’s going to take time before we can honestly say whether this change is good, or not.

If we still feel it’s a good change, later, and the issue, as kenny is saying - is that people are getting rushed down too easily- then simply buff panic maneuvers, such as a back/sideroll.

How much? who knows. No one has gotten the new system fully down yet.

We need time. Not hot takes being influenced by monetary bias.

It is easy to rush down a single person lancering, but if you are being crossed then it doesnt matter. I mean you could adjust that by adding stopping power to the lancer.

I believe most of the discussion here is happening on the basis of 1 on 1 encounters.

That’s not to say I disagree. Perhaps it is fine.

I said we need time to appraise the current system, and we do.

No one has the solution to something they haven’t even fully adjusted to. It’s been what, a week or 2?

perhaps the current system is fine. Maybe players should just use the tools at their disposal. Time will tell.

The pro scene has the ability to mess up Gears if it hasnt already. I wouldnt say the same with Halo tho just because the PRO scene there has been very very prominent and for longer and they actual know what they are talking about most of the time as the mechanics of the game are much different and no where near as bad as in this game, unless something happened in the last year or so after Ive stopped playing. But I was on my way with my team to competitions in Halo, used to play against nothing but MLG teams. or individuals. Life got in the way cough lol

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So i mean 1v1 the lancer vs gnasher right now Gnasher is going to win. You have crazy speed and a nerfed lancer with no stopping power.

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Yea I don’t disagree, but the solution to things like that take time to appraise.

This thread is a knee-jerk to a new system, not a proper appraisal of it post adaptation to it.

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Sorry to interject but I’ll say this; if TC decides to continue to buff the movement, than I am all for removing the nerf they’ve given the lancer not too long ago, and then monitor the situation carefully and see if it needs further adjustments.


Absolutely agree.

Previously nerfed aspects of the mechanics may need buffs going forward to formulate an older/yet smoother feel for the game.

We simply don’t know yet, and as you said, we should monitor closely as we walk forward.

I get that I come off super aggressive, but I think it’s time someone did to all the entitled snowflakes showing up in this forum begging for things to be easier for them whether it’s actually good for the game or not.

Move forward carefully, potentially tweak previously nerfed mechanics. Yes, and yes. Agree


The distance was probably too much but the power at mid to short range could use an increase.

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Not the pro’s, they are into practicing the gnasher so they can win gold plated trophies and to get some money… the people most directly responsible to take the game into its limits are us man … the community , not people who plays for money and shiny stars im afraid.


When I say that one player has an advantage over another, its an aggressive player has the advantage over a defensive player. Each “kind” of player should be able to combat the other. Atm, the game gives the aggressor a noticeable advantage. I shouldve used/had clips i couldve included in my post to better show what im referring to. Here is one of the only ones I have clipped: https://xboxclips.com/Kenny%20Bounce/9d97c7db-e685-4bbd-abb7-bc48735efeed

I am somebody who enjoys the slower movement in gears because I enjoy seeing the thought process that a player uses to pick apart an opponent. I’m not saying that isn’t there with faster movement. It just isn’t as noticeable. I feel like I kill or die to people for doing things in a “■■■■ it” kind of way. Ill just wait for them to shoot and then Up A into them and get the kill simply because im fast(refer to the clip above of me dying in this way). With slower movement, fights like these still happen, but they are less frequent. You have to earn kills in a slower game more than you do in a faster gears game.

I figured that weakening damages would make slower movement more acceptable because you would have more freedom than you would now to still be able to move around. I think that even in its current state, weapons like the hammerburst, retro, lancer gl, enforcer, overkill, and the boltok are too strong. Its like they are overtuned to make kills easier for people. Rather than balancing everything out. If weapons were balanced, im sure more people would enjoy the slower gameplay as it would in theory give more outplay potential


Maybe they added too much speed in some areas, but the game felt pretty stiff before. You know its a little different playing Escalation than KOTH though. Im mainly playing KOTH right now, but I could see in Escalation why you would want it to be slower. And the Overkill definitely needs to be nerfed, as much as I love using it the way it is. What do you think about the other changes they made to Escalation?

While the pros have had more influence than individuals in the forums, I can promise you that we have not had much of a say. TC hasn’t done much listening to anybody from how it seems.

@AmicableWall421 this thread is targeted at pvp. not pve.

@DLCarr17 Appreciate your help with allowing me to post again. I’m i am able to help tie the wants of the competitive scene and the players in these forums. Thats the only way I can see positive things coming to the game. TC would benefit from us speaking as a player base as a whole instead of one community or the other.

@L sD Wo lf Pu p
If you were more specific on why my points are bad points then id be more than happy to have a normal conversation with you.

There is no reason for one side to be ignored over the other. We all have the same goal even though we are “separated”. Yes we are a smaller group, but we are “casuals/ranked” players as well. We haven’t had any influence to make the game worse or do things to hurt the game. this game has been a majority of TC and TC’s decisions.

@Drinkands_im I agree that the game felt stiff before. They slowed the movement without giving people more ways to outplay other people, and kept the rifle damages pretty high. Thats why im proposing the things that I am. I feel like what most players had an issue with before was that there was little outplay potential in individual fights and those are the most important in a ranked setting across all game modes.

I think the changes they made to escalation were all positive and a giant step in the right direction. I think there is more that could be done to improve the experience of the game mode, but for now, it was a good and positive change.


I agree and disagree. I like the slide speed, i like the strafe speed, but i feel like the UpA boost PLUS the enormous gib range makes it frustrating for sure. The gib range and headshot range with the gnasher need to be turned dowwwwwn, but i feel like TC is afraid of doing so since there are only 6 shots in the shotty.

I agree with the side rolling speed and roadie run shoot speed too. But again, the GIB range needs to be turned down drastically and no UpA boost. This will make positioning much more important and hopefully less “rush and one shot gib” style gameplays.

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They WERE doing okay, but there’s been a lot of feuds I’ve witnessed both on discussion and YouTube where Halo Pros have let power get to their head and think they’re entirely entitled to how Halo should be, and that “casuals” (everyone who isn’t a pro) should have no say.

They’ve been silent lately from what I’ve seen, but that’s most likely from the severe backlash they received for blowing up like that. There ARE some good pros out there tho, don’t get me wrong.


Right… the top 1% who play a mode most people don’t care about on 10Gbps LAN connections, using ridiculously speced out hardware and custom controllers should guide (erh, dictate?) how the rest of us get to play KOTH via the Internet, using stock hardware?



A little harsher than I would hav said, but it accurately expressed my feelings, yeah…

I did not realize the slide speed was increased… If that’s the case, then great, I loved the high slide speed in GoW4… Don’t care about upA, I don’t upA, I don’t bounce, but I like to slide around opponents, and the launch speeds made that feel like a TaiChi simulator…

Now decrease the stupid gib range, and let’s have fun, sliding in combat, taking pop shots at the opponents… I’m on board with that…

Just because it doesn’t fit what the “pros” trained for, who cares…

Can the game survive with no pros and only a dedicated, happy fan base? Absolutely.

Can the game survive with nothing but happy pros playing it?? Not so much, eh?