A perfect dodge and i killed a T-850 terminator 3 times in a row LOL

@eviljas247 @WD_Hawkeye Whatever plans you had for the weekend, cancel them. We’re doing a viewing party!


Image result for its about time gif

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Hot damn! This guy just doesn’t miss. The dedication to his craft is commendable

"Let’s get a shot of the Terminator Robot in here "

A perfect dodge indeed! What a move! You should name it ”The Oblivious”.

Oh and put less spoilers in the title! Keep us on the edge of our seats!

I simply dont understand why people use these awful overlays while streaming. This isn’t even close to the worst one I’ve seen, and it’s so obtrusive.


Cant see the killfeed, minimap or ammo lol

Is it covered with anime girls?

Yes. Lightning from final fantasy and idk who the bottom left girl is.


Yes! @WD_Hawkeye @eviljas247 our viewing party just got awesome!


its kasumi doa

Ah yes. I still dont know who that is.

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look up dead or alive 6

She was the sexual awakening of many teenage gamer boys in the late 90s. That’s all you need to know.

I looked it up. Results were shocking. Ive never really been into that kinda thing in any kind of media, tbh.

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You might want to scrub your internet search history now. If (heaven forbid) you die today, people will judge you massively when they see this stuff in your search history.

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Im a decent human being and use incognito mode lol

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Big respect. My ISP knows but my family wont and thats all that matters.