A PDF roadmap & tutorial for gears 6. TC help is on the way! You'll need our help on this one

@TC_Shauny @ TC_Octus @TC_MichaelAOS @TCGearsHelp @TC_GEARS, Before I share the link I’ll just point out some key features of the PDF. While also summing the PDF for you.

The (5 pg. 6 counting the hyper link page) PDF’s main feature is providing a descriptive tutorial for gears 6 movement mechanics… based on gears 5 mechanics. I decided to just describe the movement mechanics that not a lot of people know how to do. (or/& can do) Doing so in-text; worthy to be in-game for gears 6. (or/& similarly in-game, for gears 6.) Describing something I call, “the suction bounce”; that too many new people have been calling “the backward bounce”. [maybe not word for word] It’s confusing, once you know that a normal backward bounce was always called “this” before. I’ll also explain the reasoning behind all these implications in the PDF. To sum up the main reason though: It is to make the game more based on skill only. Not heavily based on “in-game” knowledge." That makes it harder to have good players on your team, while making it actually feel fun & skillful, b/c it’s not heavily relied on “in-game knowledge”. Which makes you rely on the duration of playtime. (the following is all but one, a copy & paste of the PDF.)

Some key features are: A new wave gun that causes a water/emulsified (like molten lava, taking place of the drop shot possibly as well) wave to build up and collapse on enemies. The farther away you shoot it, the taller it gets. (and wider? or /& just taller? Maybe both options, but one is slower) This makes up for the lesser possibility of it hitting people: The fact, it causes less view for the enemy.
A fast Melee “pick up”… a “power weapon” that’s the following: It’s a jet pack with iron legs that you have to shoot up in; then come straight back down really fast. (with a different 3rd person’s perspective looking straight down [for the most part] when you go down. Making a huge bloody splash with enemy impact. (not too much radius impact or/& at all) After that, if they are close by maybe you can do a fast melee combo with your iron legs and/or fists. Like brass knuckles that come with w/the jet pack.
The roadie run should either have a longer delay (to shoot) than wall bouncing or the same. Either there shouldn’t be a delay at all during wall bouncing to shoot or one that resembles gears 3 or even more shortened. (now, the following isn’t copied & pasted from PDF) The delay to shoot from a roadie run should be shortened from what it is in gears 5. Also, you should cause the time to change directions (or stop & change directions; since the roadie run, requires a pause first) the same w/both. That or just the same with the added addition of pausing w/the roadie run. Why? you beat your opponent in more ways than one, literally becoming the better player with w/movement & not just because the opponent made the wrong (& slower) move. just the sniper’s blind fire should be in the middle of the TV screen." Everything else can be through the barrel.
A bunch of Links: (the last one is the PDF)

“Say hello to my little friend!”: A new weapon & must have game-modes for Gears of war’s future and so on - Gears 5 - Gears Forums

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[for gears tourtial of mech thread post - Google Docs.pdf](file:///C:/Users/Buddy/OneDrive/for%20gears%20tourtial%20of%20mech%20thread%20post%20-%20Google%20Docs.pdf)

Lol, sera, octus and Michael dont work here.

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What is happening here :joy:

Seriously lad, what are you smoking?


This would be suitable for fortnite i think, lets ask cliffy.

@cliffy b thoughts?


Was about to post the same! Do you think the poster is trying to be provocative ? or just very behind the times!

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Some people just have “different” ideas as to what is cool and exciting.

Could be that they know something we dont ?

“Bro it’s fun to jump & splash in water. It’s fun to look at the waves too. Especially big ones, who doesn’t like the ocean & putting your ear in a cawnshell (edit: conch shell) to hear the sound effects. Now substitute the waves with molten lava and eventually you get a gold mine, and/or rich mineral soil. (Which applies to everything) Also who doesn’t love to make a big impact in life. The jumping and dejumping squash, is literally just metaphoric and literal satisfactional bliss. Making impacts literally & symbolically, who doesn’t love that and food fights w/ pomegranate (or fruit punch near by.) juice near by. Bobbing for apples in some red liquid substance (red) has so many nostolgia for Americans & anyone else. I think you’d reconsider if you’ll give it a try. (This idea, & any ideas listed that Gave it inspiration… you’d love it) Love from NY”

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I mostly enjoy this at this time of year, the north sea is what makes scotland feel like a tropical island.


Awesome man, You got me so thirsty for some tropical landmass. I love life, let’s put more life into gears 6. Let’s have a romp of a good time!!! You know how it is man!!! :blush:

OP is my new copypasta

Very constructive. Sadly this place has become such a negative environment people respond so poorly to anything constructive.

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Are you calling me toxic?

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GL… most of those people left TC… and I don’t think they would add stuff that wouldn’t fit

Eww, bro why you gotta bring her into this. Also, you didn’t include the whole sentence. “Having a romp of a good time” doesn’t have to do w/ hanky panky. It’s an expression that probably started out completely innocent. Anyways no perverts here on these forums… (at least in a general sense, generally speaking) I’d say that the average gears player is more into weight-lifting & full on contact to contact sports, like football or wrestling… maybe some baseball players. Mostly sport players in general I assume. No pervs here. @R_E_D_yota image
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I think if the floating up in the air looked like “dune,” it’ll fit in the game w/its atmosphere. All creepy like dune is. A slow floating up in the air pretty high. slow movement In the air but a fast dive down for a stomp that splats your opponent could work. Maybe if you pick it up as a power weapons you’ll always have it till you die or/& just for a duration. PS: floating towards people doesn’t have to be too slow though honesty could be pretty fast. That’ll be creepy too.

I thought it was satire.

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That was my reaction too. They’re more likely to be younger borderline incel-types; or older (35-50) slightly angry incoherent drunks who daydream of the good old dark and grittier days. Regardless of the demographic they are all the gift that keeps.on giving.


im in that bracket, but not angry…

Well sometimes😊 mostly when playing gears pvp with “friends” though