A new low 1.666% damage

I admit I sucked here but this is 1.666% damage?


Nothing to see here, just looks like typical Gears PvP bs.


Lucky u got that extra .666%

Frags are to op.



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Isn’t that that a comma?

That’s rough

F in chat

Yes, pause at 9 seconds

The enemy had stim.



Wonder if this is similar to the PvE bug I see plenty where someone will try to frag themselves and it won’t down them, even multiple frags.

I think there is a weird hit detection issue with the frag in both PvP and PvE, as it’s quite evident it exists in both modes.

I had no problem killing myself here, The isseu is me doing only 1.666% damage to them

Are you playing arcade?

Urm no, this was ranked KoTH

I got you beat OP. 1% on 2 hits


I got 1% in 2 hits!!

. 1% in 2 has got to be the record. What weapon did you use, mean words in game chat?

Lmao :laughing::laughing:

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Gnasher… lol


Yesterday was horrible day on Gears , lobbys full players from other region and they really have amazing bullet eating skills with 160-170 ping , i bet server problems , but i could be wrong .

I did play with a couple Mexican flags yesterday…

Ping wasn’t that bad though… nobody really over 90 in any of my lobbies except one FFA

I saw yesterday so much bs… i’v never seen before , marshmellow bullets from gnasher , four close range shot make 1% damage , it was like playing against immortal enemys :no_mouth:

“Something is broken”

I had a lot more instances of 98-99% done… more than usual. Worst was on Nexus. Almost 3 times in a row 98/99%…

Oh well, maybe tonight I’ll have better luck.

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