A new gears game should be in my eyes

a simple gears online game without a campaign or horde mode ,only for playing pvp but as special in different categorys where its possible to play the modes and maps with the controlling and hit rate exact 1:1 like as example from gears 1 ,gears 2,gears 3 , gears4 and gears ultimate . where if i take the controller exact have the feeling from the past. where i can choose the servers by myself , the option to host online games, with the feature that you show how much people on your region playing right the moment.playing social games with 5 players too.new game modes maybe like a new version of beast mode but where you fight against real players

New version of Beast Mode where you fight against real players, is basically Overrun 2.0.
If a Gears game comes without Campaign nor Horde Mode, that would literally kill it for me.
Some people just like to play these, more than MP or Versus.

and strong servers , i forgot the overrun 2.0 but this was in my eyes a funny game mode ,my biggest problem is that i m old and my favorite controlls and hit box is from gears ultimate edition , i am a hard aim player, tab lt and shoot but with this tactic and the hit rate of gears 4 i have no chance against all the new and younger players which kills me by use hipfire with there run bounce and slide shots real easy this why i wish a gears game which gives old school nerds like me to play a new gears game with the controlling from the past . what you think about this idea or is it just stupid ?

The campaign brings life into the game. Hearing Baird’s sarcastic attitude and banter between kills is one of the best details to verses. If you remove the lore there’s no meaning behind the characters. It sounds like a good idea on paper, but the reality is that multiplayer would feel boring kinda like the Gears 4 beta when you had no idea who the characters were and meaningless dialogue. This is also why spamming new characters into the game is a bad idea. Gary Carmine, COG Gears, and Sraak are a few examples of this.