A new game mode called 'clutch'

5 players.

Each player will have a each their own round where they face a 1 vs 4 player scenario, You are only given one life and the 4 players you face have infinite, the longer you last and rake up kills the higher score you’ll get, you also rack up points for time lasted.

By the end after all 5 players have had their turn , the player with the best performance gets first place and wins the a bonus coins, 2nd place receives smaller amount coins.




Interesting idea. Just wonder how it would actually play out.

My thoughts? It sucks more than the person I see standing on the street corner every night.

You get plenty of chances to clutch in Guardian.


Interesting idea but I don’t see this holding weight if the 4 realize that if they all run at you together your pouched. Clutch works in games because usually people are at different points or converging from different parts so there is a bit of leeway for the solo player to navigate around and pull it off but 4 guys rushing you off spawn ain’t gonna go over well for you. Not to mention in terms of xp the 4 wouldn’t likely receive much so not much incentive to play. It’s a cool concept granted but I don’t see how you pull it off. I mean I guess the solo player could spawn midmap and the others in their own respective corners of the map but idk I don’t see it.

Wouldn’t work…all of them running at you, you dead.

Now, if they ONLY had pistols that were nerfed by 50 percent damage and you had all loadout weapons… Maybe.