A needed equilibrium on micro transactions

For TC. Look, the majority of customers understand that the most important factor of a game is profit, we understand that you’ll have board meetings having to explain your margins but you have to find a more ethnical approach for this. Quite clearly game developers will try squeeze as much money as possible until governments step in and I certainly appreciate the removal of loot boxes from gears 4, that’s a sound customer friendly move.

However there needs to be some modesty in the prices that you’re currently charging. Skins in store for an individual weapon at £4? If you’re wanting that skin for a full set you’re talking over a days wage for some people. Forgive me for not knowing the job role but it mustn’t take a designer more than a few hours to draft these skins up, therefore I’m assured you can pump these out and make your money while charging respectable prices.

Gamers are constantly labelled as toxic, aggressive & demanding yet all they really want is to be shown a little bit of respect. What I mean is that they feel betrayed when the requirement to get their hands on novelty content such as weapon and character skins is to be affluent.

Luckily, I myself don’t tend to buy skins and whatnot but for those who do, you need to find a middle ground with your costumers and not take them for a ride.
The industry as a whole must learn to see their customers as an audience rather than just a revenue stream.

I mean surely it must be detrimental to the studio knowing that the games you produce are being tarnished as predatory due to their micro transactions when almost all of the complaints could be quelled by just finding some equilibrium on price ?

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I agree. I bought all the dlc pre-Gears 4 as the prices were reasonable and good value for money.

Now the freemium model has taken over gaming which is irritating. Gears 3 felt like a full packaged deal and at least the disc locked content was reasonable pricing compared to today.

It felt awesome grinding an achievement/medal to unlock a character. Heck my first game was Gears 2 and I went out and bought Gears 1 just so I could get A. Carmine, Kim and RAAM. They don’t do stuff like that anymore now it’s just open your wallet to unlock things. Yes there’s the tour of duty but the character skins in there is wait for it, stuff already in the game in the campaign, shouldn’t those be unlocked by playing acts in campaign on X difficulty? Sigh.

I wouldn’t mind a freemium model if the game was free to play but a £60 game? Pfft.

I spent £590.00 on the Xbox One X Bundle, another lair controller and the 2TB Hard Drive (which turned out to be unnecessary as every ice weapon skin came with the console bundle, talk about false advertising…).

I had the Gears 4 Xbox One S bundle as well.

The point is, myself and many others have poured £££ into the gears franchise over the years. Even since Ultimate Edition. And yet TC want to charge extortionate fees for cosmetics dlc.

I honestly think they’d sell more if it were like £1 a weapon skin set, £2 a character skin. With the prices as is, they ain’t selling much. Delivery driver Mac was not kept due to popular demand that’s bs. I don’t see anyone wearing it.

But Christ I wished they would’ve made characters ublockable via achievements, legacy achievements, medals etc from the get go not releasing what clearly is a buggy and incomplete game.

Gears 3 felt complete, Gears 5 feels like a broken beta and utterly unfinished and I can’t help feel like they held back on content to rip us off more.

TC I spent nearly £600 on what I thought I’d be happy with (if there was minor bugs and consumer friendly dlc I’d be happy).

But I’m not spending any more money on Gears 5. Not in the current state. I get £60 a game isn’t sustainable for the games industry anymore and I’m happy to pay more to support a franchise I love but at least make it fair and worthwhile.