A Mural of Future Ping Solutions to Share: After reading this linked article, can this device solve or help solve the PING problem with a solution?

In This Thread, we are looking for solutions that already exist, and can be utilized.

Post a link or picture of a device that already exists with it’s name; and/or answer the Thread’s title’s Question. I will be posting the link I found and a picture of the device referred to.

Anything that uses a satellite is not the solution for low ping gaming.


Do you know anything that would? You don’t need to answer since you already answered the specified title’s question… but if you do, please do, thanks

The best solution is to get the best connection available to you and then plug in your devices via a high quality Ethernet cable wherever you can.

But it depends if you can get Fiber Internet where you live.

Or some internet providers have specific gaming connections too that prioritise gaming traffic on the network.

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Thanks for the reply

First, what is the problem you have with ping? Other people’s ping? Yours?

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I think it’s because he’s using 4G hotspots for his connection he will naturally suffer from higher ping than normal and jitter.

Q: You think it’s possible to ‘have the gears company end’ to act like a internet provider? And regulate traffic or whatever at a central point, through gears of war behind it? since it’ll all go through gears anyways? Is that a possibility for a solution?

You need to consider the actual path of the signal, not just who provides it. If you don’t have a hard connection to a cable or fiber optic network, your ping is going to be high. You need to research the providers in your area and go with a solid cable or cover connection if you can.

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Ok, Thanks again for all the help

I’m with same problems using 4G for gaming. And I cant even get 5G in my home becouse it runs only on few citys in Finland now. But theres few things that helps to get better ping.

  1. good router

  2. You need to be sure its ~100% 4G. If it aint get good signal it starts to swap between 3G/4G. And that gives insane ping. You can lock that to only 1 the devices connect.

3.shut every other internet using program. Since wireless got really bad upload speed

  1. (if possible) Outer antennas and those need to point directly to nearest lte-antenna (as here anyway) maps are on internet and theyre free to use.

Also you can move or win in lottery and buy 100km fiber cable and dig it to the ground. (im waiting that lottery win)

Woah, wow awasome such great indepth insight; somebody, clearly been doing their home work, much appreciation for that. So glad you participated in the thread!

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You take your Xbox and you put the cable in it.

Works for me


Wireless is always the worst way to go. You’re susceptible to all kinds of radio interference and packet loss regardless of the ping. That’s just accounting for the usual wifi.

But you’re talking about a cellular hotspot which is far worse.

Depending on the population load in the area, the nearest cell towers will switch between taking the signal received from you and feeding it into the tower’s outbound fiber lines OR bouncing your signal over to the next radio tower in an attempt for that one to fill your requests. All of that decreases stability and increases your chance for packet loss with each transfer.

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For me and some other People wireless is the only way. Imo its better to look the Best way to get ping down with wireless than just say “wireless sucks”

I’m not trying to argue with that becouse i know myself that wireless aint rly good for playing and i have been trying 5years now to find ways To play lower ping with wireless after i Lost my 100mb cable when i moved, and ofcourse ill try my Best to share that knowledge.

I know its makes People angry that some has over 60ping, but for now the only way to resolve problems like that is to make matchmake so it looks the ping and sort higher ping players to other games. I know some People could find this statement wrong and think its unfair but this is my opinion. And i hope they look also this one for gears 5 so everyone could enjoy as much they can.

And thanks to above the wireless has got huge steps in past few years, and i know its only going to be better in future.


How about Kelvin Doe, tho… could this boy genius have the answers?

Seems like he might do great things on power supply industry. Even he doesnt look like having a much problems with wireless internet

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I didn’t know they could prioritize that. Ima have to look into it

looks like were on the same page… If you haven’t looked into Eric Dollard’s teachings; he’s another person I was thinking the Coalition, could use; problem is… if it is a problem; is finding him, because he’s off the ‘grid/radar’; he has some deemed hidden knowledge on electricity, that the corrupt government during he’s time was trying to keep from the public: he is one of the 'big names during Nicola Tesla’s, era.

      Anyways I was thinking since Gears of War was one of the games that revolutionized the video game industry, they can be the first to take a big step in revolutionizing the ping signals in gaming.

Just take a look at this revolutionary idea of a bottle… technology is already advancing right before our eyes or ‘under our noses’.

well youre right that has been advancing under our noses for sure, sometimes people just had to look what is happening there, UV cleaning water bottle aint rly “new” thing. Cheapstores have sold uv cleaning machines for many years and industry uses that system alot for a long time. the problem is in that bottle if you look trought the idea.
If you make thing like that it makes the waterbottle sold amount smaller so why would big industries throw theyre money away?

  1. Money
    2.Interests (army/civil)
    3.Is technology advanged enough
    4.Can you make that cheap to get more money

And basicly i dont see why is that good to use the knowledge doing things like that? In finland engineers used theyre knowledge to build a damn purificators so we can drink water from faucets.

But its true that there are people with great ideas and hidden knowledge, for TC i think theyre doing theyre best with the money they have to use for it, also the other companys with TC does. and that is with wireless network too, if you can make it extreme fast but it might give -$ so why bother to do that.and atleast why to do that for civils.

And little drop to the end. here is the big solution! (its english dont worry about that)