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A Message on the Lambent Content

(EDGE DARK117) #21


What emotion, if the characters and all the arnas skin is very good, if the option of money and credits I agree. Thanks TC. :sob::sob:

(MAJESTlC 87) #22

So I hate to be the only negative on this thread but iv waited all day for the lambent packs to drop (uk) knowing they were purchase only iv bought the weapons pack and lambent drone which were the only option at 6pm gmt just over £17 I recall to then play one game koth go back to the menu and store to find I can use my 100k credits to optain the same characters/ skins. Is there any sort of refund system @TC_Octus?

(spaceageGecko) #23

Credit where credit is due, you guys handled this in the perfect way, Hats of to you TC.

(Junglist Shoota) #24

I feel a touch bad for you but take this as a lesson in patience. I feel that the forums are going to be spicy today… “Refund me” threads imminent.

(DarkChaoz95) #25

TC don’t deal with any sort of transactions, it would be best to contact Xbox Support on this matter. Also to request a refund, give the ‘Request an Xbox digital product or subscription refund’ article a read.

(spaceageGecko) #26

Octus sent one guy here because it’s all done on xbox’s side hope it helps. Edit: Chaoz beat me to it, damn.

(Phaaze) #27

You most definitely could have done this without charging us $13 for one character.

I’m hoping Gears 5 doesn’t have a duplicate system because the current system that’s in Gears 4 is absolutely atrocious.

(InsaneGhostFace) #28

i will give you credit for hearing your playerbase as well. 343 has been listening to their playerbase for years and if you got the new MCC update after their Insider Program completed earlier this week you can see all the work they did and the playerbase did that helped them out. They will be doing one before Halo 6 is released which i will be apart of and i encourage Gears 5 before releasing it do not do a 2 week Beta but rather do a Insider Program as then Gears 5 has the best chance to launch without issue. Anyways this was a good call TC and as a player i thank you

(MAJESTlC 87) #29

Yes totally agree over eager I know…but it just sucks as all iv known until now they were purchase only and really wanted those skins and drone. Just think the option should have been updated on the first rollout rather than a stagger?

(Slipping Flames) #30

My hope for a happy Gears future has been restored. Thank you TC.

(MAJESTlC 87) #31

Thanks man much appreciated :+1:t2:

(MAJESTlC 87) #32

All helps thank you :+1:t2:

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #33

Oh wow, I am surprised and Actually very happy, You handled the situation good and I am thankful for that :smile:

(buscobuzzy) #34

Thank you for taking the responsibility that’s what true leaders do. I think having both credits and purchase is an awesome idea. With that being said when both options are there players should NOT be complaining about the RNG. Us as a community are not always right and we know both ends are not perfect but meeting in the middle is a huge relationship bonder. Thanks again. Let’s make this franchise the best it can be!

(SM0KIN D4BS) #35

Thank you so much for the credit option

(JBOND88) #36

This is amazing news and I am glad you guys listen to us and our feedback. Because of this, I will happily shovel some money yalls way as well as trying my luck at credit packs. I love nothing more than supporting a dev that is as open to feedback as you guys.

(DctRxDooM) #37

I must be dumb I can’t find the packs are they in game only? Post says “starting now.”

(TC Octus) #38

We’re working on getting them up on the Card Companion. The Packs came in super hot so the team are having to hustle on making them appear there too. Should be up shortly.

(InsaneGhostFace) #39

RNG has been a gamer term in my opinion for gambling and when using credits ok that is the game, but when using real money for even packs with credit options or BS packs that i know we would all be happy to saw for $10 if i can just choose the BS character i want we’d be happier as i know those won’t be for credits as they support esports but just saying TC next BS pack think about it.

(TheDeuterostome) #40

That’s a great call tc! Thanks for listening and doing the right thing. I support you and a lot of the decisions you make.