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A Message on the Lambent Content

(TC Octus) #1

Hi Gears fans -

We heard you. This morning, we announced that the Lambent Pack will also be available for Credits.

We won’t shy away from the fact the Lambent character rollout was a misjudgement on our part. Our intention was to give players - for the first time - the option to purchase the exact content they wanted without duplicates or randomness, and we set our sights firmly on delivering that improvement with the Lambent.

Of course, we do recognize that many of you also value the Credit purchase option of Gear Packs. Due to the your feedback over the course of yesterday, the team agreed that - regardless of the improvement focused approach - withholding a Credit option at the expense of ‘focus’ was the wrong call.

As such, beginning right now until next Friday, a 400 Credit and 2000 Credit Lambent Gear Pack are now available in Gears of War 4 featuring all 3 characters and both Weapon Skins. The Lambent content will also be available for individual purchase during the times mentioned in What’s Up (quick reminder for those interested: the Grenadier and Imulsion Weapon Skins are only up on Saturday for purchase).

Thank you for your passion, your honesty and your feedback as always Gears community. We hope this is more of what you were looking for.


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(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #3

I would like to thank you TC for first taking responsibility for what has been done. And to thank you for such a quick response To everyone’s VOICE, these type of things still give us hope.

(Horde Legend) #4

Wow @TC_Octus I am not going to lie, I am impressed. Thank you for handling this situation in such a timely manner as I believe it was the right decision.

(DarkChaoz95) #5

Great work, TC! it’s really great to see you stepping up and recognising your own mistakes and dealing with them swiftly as possible.

(NUBinbound) #6

i hope you keep this kind of thing for all the new content in the future i like being able to buy the characters out right if i dont feel like chasing it down with credits in the future i hope you guys also add a bundle to buy all the characters and skins in future released packs

(unreal bolo) #7

I gotta say that you and your team have my respect from this quick response to all gears fans

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #8

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Thank you

(Embry Starred) #10

Thank you Liam, as a hardcore gears fan like yourself and the rest of us. I am glad the studio changed its mind on this controversial topic. I honestly believe this is absolutely the best method going forward if there is rng packs along with 100% guarantee purchase. The fans get the content they desire and the coalition still makes a consumer friendly profit. I know yesterday must of been hard on the community team as you got the full wrath of the community. But it takes real character to admit when wrong and fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you for making the right decision,


(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #11

English please?

(dastardly777) #12

This is exactly the way it should be! Use money for exact purchase or gamble on RNG with credits! Gives us a reason to grind while reassuring us with a safety net. You guys really set the standard this time! Thank you and GG!

(Bleeding Pepper) #13

I must admit, this was a big surprise for me. While TC messed up with the original plan, I’m glad they’re willing to listen.

As I said, I wasn’t expecting this at all. Truth is, if TC had said that they would reduce the prices by 2-4 dollars per item and that in 3 months time they would be available for credits, I’d have been satisfied with that response. This response exceeds that, so thank you for listening TC.

Hopefully this will also feed into how extra content is delivered in Gears 5.

(Kitten Britchez) #14

You surprised us and made a LOT of people happy today. I hope the community shows their support to you for listening to us.

Let this be a win-win, guys. Go TC!

(HayMaker304) #15

I agree. The characters are a little over priced I think tho. I would think a 4.99 elite would about perfect. Not a 13.99. That’s almost 1/5 of the games original cost for one character

(Belkain) #16

My my, what a surprising and favorable turn of events! glad you make that call and thanks a lot for it.

The “pay for what you want” system is a good idea that should be applied to esports packs ASAP, do so and see your profits rise :wink:

(KatzeVomMond) #17

Way to go TC.

(Horde Legend) #18

100% agree with you man

(KI IRockStarJD) #19

I just want to say thank you guys for listening, and I know it’s hard to please everyone but the fact that you are willing to admit and correct your mistakes is a relief and makes my happy. Again thank you guys.

(Junglist Shoota) #20

Thank you very much. Solid choice. Having both options is prime. Cash for guarantee, credits for RNG. It’s about the best balance. This coming from one who does like lootbaxes at all. :joy::+1: