A message for TC

You obviously can’t figure out a ranking system that work so just take it out the game. What’s a player supposed to do when they are teamed up with teammates without thumbs? I get mvp and loose the match due to 2 quiters and 2 players that don’t know what game they are playing and still loose 622 points. I WAS MVP WITH MOST KILLS, POINTS, DOWNS,ETC… so what did the other people get -10,000? You proportion to win vs loosing points at times make zero sense. It will take a week of no stop crushing teams to get back 600 points.
Whatever you people just don’t listen… you don’t get it …

At least show us what ranks we are playing against…ur point system is broke…a diamond and a bronze may have the same amount of points as two onix1s but not the same skill

Yes. This. It causes more problems than it’s worth, plus the constant talk of ranks is boring and cringeworthy.

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Gears4 ranking system worked