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A Message For Our Players

As part of our continued post-launch support, we are committed to continually improving Gears 5’s online experience. We know you have concerns, and we want to improve our transparency around our ongoing development work to address your biggest topics of feedback.

Our Development Team is already hard at work on resolving several priority issues, which we’ve listed below. We recognize that these issues have significant impact on your Gears 5 experience, and we’re prioritizing them by the degree of negative impact they have.

Dealing with the issues below are our top priority – but this list does not include any new features or smaller fixes also in development. As these issues progress, will provide more details – including timing – to keep you informed. Thank you for all of your support and feedback since release. Our team care deeply about tackling these issues as soon as possible. We’ll be keeping you updating you regularly moving forward with any detail we can provide.

Priority: Very High

  • Player may not see earned rewards (in-game content, stars, etc.) in the post match flow. While these rewards are showing up later, we are working to ensure all players see rewards as soon as they are earned.
  • Players may be randomly disconnected, resulting in a disrupted game experience and potentially unfounded quit penalties.


  • Temporary fix: We are temporarily removing the 15 & 30 minute ‘timeout’ penalties to ensure non-quitters aren’t as punished by disconnects. However, Ranked Completion Ratings (RCR) are still active so serial quitters will still receive escalating suspensions.
  • Permanent fix: Under investigation

Priority: Very High

  • Post-match tier skill points are not working as intended. They are inaccurate, inconsistent and not representative of a player’s individual performance.
  • The net result of this is players are seeing potentially dramatic and wrong rank increases and/or decreases.
  • Some players are not being placed in the correct rank upon completion of their placement matches.
  • We are also aware of players getting ‘stuck’ in Silver and having harder than expected time to increase their rank until getting out.


We have identified the issue and have a permanent fix in progress and we are currently working on the implementation. Once we are sure it is fixed, we will communicate the timeline for a rank reset.

Note: Providing an accurate, reliable and enjoyable Ranking system is paramount to us at The Coalition; so, in conjunction with the next Title Update, we MAY turn off the showing individual post match results while we work on a fix.

This will allow us to keep gathering data on Ranked to resolve the problem, which is essential to our ability to make improvements. Skilled based matchmaking will remain in place and is working well. We will provide more details soon, including notification prior to making this change.

Priority: High

  • Matches in select regions can have higher than acceptable pings.
  • Wait times can be unusually long in some regions


A potential cause has been identified and solutions to improve the situation are in progress.

Priority: High

  • We are investigating further weapon balance tuning in Versus
  • Our current focus is on the Lancer, Breaker, Markza and Melee.


We are monitoring both feedback and in-game data in response to our latest Markza tuning.

In addition, we have a new iteration of Lancer tuning based on player feedback since launch that we expect to release in the near future. We are also actively investigating and testing other tuning changes based on your feedback, including looking at the Melee and Breaker.

Priority: Medium

  • Players experiencing occasional lag and/or teleporting mid-match


Investigation ongoing

You can stay up to date with all these topics right here on our Forums, on or via our in-game News message.


Keep up the great work guys.


Finally we get some confirmation that they’re at least listening. But I’m not congratulating TC until they actually fix it. It’s nice that you guys are working on these issues, but they shouldn’t have been there to begin with. I appreciate you TC Octus I know you unfairly have to field a lot of the complaints.


“Please don’t forget about us after going to play Outer Worlds and Modern Warfare!”


And Red dead redemption 2 when it comes out on PC


Thanks for keeping everyone updated! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you TC and @TC_Octus


Well solo campaign worked fine. Am just saying that the only time they showed versus gameplay was during the beta. They only show campaign at e3 or wtv gameshow. The first week versus was unplayable too. They take forever to listen to feedback and actually like charging for skins. TC is worst and honestly gonna play the new cod and maybe i will return in a few months

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Thank you for the open communication and listening to some of the issues. Is the team also looking into people who had between 125 and 249 honor before the 10/8 update? After that update, people got automatically updated to level 1, but ‘A Friend in Need’ achievement did not get applied. Getting a different person to level 1 does not resolve the issue.

Keep up the communication and we’ll all get through this together… :+1::+1:


You know when the teacher talks in Peanuts? That’s what that message was.


I like that they are admitting that:

  1. Our ranking system is not working and is basically completely broken.
  2. Our matchmaking quality is poor and not working properly.
  3. Our weapon balances are out of whack and need to be adjusted.
  4. Our in game network connections are poor.

While I appreciate them acknowledging these things and telling us they are working on them… These aren’t things you should be just figuring out almost 2 months after release. This is why this game needed another six months of development time. They are struggling just to bring the game up to what should’ve been the initial release day quality. And they haven’t even addressed half of the issues. It’s going to be a loooongg road until this game is up to snuff Gears Fans.


This is a video game industry problem as whole. Most games come out semi-baked because it’s been working. Only recently has the outrage for that finally started to build.

This isn’t shifting the blame, but an acknowledgement that the Gears series has succumbed to this overarching trend to a degree.

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Oh yeah I agree completely with that, this is an issue that rears it’s head far too often in the video game industry SEE Fallout 76. And this was obviously Microsoft rushing the game to market, it’s hard to imagine that nobody at TC was like “umm but this game isn’t ready, we need more time to get this thing right”.

There are also companies who make AAA games who do the right thing and delay their games when they need more work to be up to their standards and their customers standards. SEE Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk and The Last of Us 2 all delayed to make sure the fans are getting a quality product.

This is obviously a lesson in what NOT to do as video game company. You think they would’ve learned from the disaster that was Fallout 76, but sometimes corporate greed wins over common sense and decency. More and more companies will begin to realize that rushing a product hurts your sales and fanbase more than anything, because you have an uphill battle to repair everything you f’d up.

Transparency goes a long way with gamers and the whole Gears community would’ve been perfectly happy if they came out and said we need another 6 months to get this right. We want to get this right for you guys, you guys deserve a quality product. We would’ve all said, that’s totally cool, can’t wait for the game! It would’ve been better received at it’s initial launch and it would be retaining it’s fanbase. Now, TC has a ton work to do on the game itself and with repairing/winning back it’s fanbase. It’s seems almost stupid to rush a game to market when the consequences far out weigh the benefits… Yet here we are.


This is definitely a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, it may be too little too late for some people.


Thanks for the update TC, keep up the effort.

And if Gears 6 is already in the works, please consider taking more time to have a more polished and stable release.
The love is definitely in the game, don’t think I didn’t notice it. :heart:


Why the panic!? Posting on your forum, Facebook page & Twitter page!
Rod liked a tweet of someone saying the game was good as it is and we were just « crybabies ».
« A message to our Players » - I thought we were crybabies!?
Why announcing so many changes now!?


Hi @TC_Octus

I do appreiciate the efforts and do thank you for passing over the messages of our feedback to The Coalition and the developers.

I really hope that the lancer could have those severely missed capacity in which its able to hold at least 1200 rounds just like in gears 4, in which there was a AMMO CAPACITY SKILL CARD, that allows us to do exactly that, its impossible to play horde with that scarcity of ammo everywhere so if it can be fixed that point it would be a whole new world on the game.

Second point its to erase that HERO BASED SYSTEM on horde , it really doesn’t belong on horde, we should be able to use any weapons we want and any character and combination we want, its about freedom and having fun in a game we love, not about limitation in which I have to use certain weapons for certain characters. I do think players deserve to have such system as it has always has been, and I really hope that with players negativity towards the game and abandonment could be able to have a click on their thought on THE COALITION and change their ways, since foremost we want to play a game we like not to play a game that is IMPOSED to us.

Third Point: Its to provide to us the MAP EDITOR that it was promised to us on horde, we would like to have variety on it , and also to have new maps on rotation, not to have the same ones from Gears of War 4, it would certainly be nice.

I would truly appreciate the help @TC_Octus if you could pass on this observations and you can be certain if the developers add this changes I would definitely support more the game and even buy it on full.

Kind Regards.



Updating people here is good as well as Reddit/Twitter is good as not everyone uses the other sites or checks them regularly, thanks.

In response to your recent tweet regarding campaign achievements (namely the Jack achievements and completion achievement) , I hope that there will be a final fix for those soon as I wouldn’t want to try another insane run for it not to count.

I can only speak for myself, but more information is always good.