A memoir from an original Gear

I just need to reminisce for a minute. It started back in 06, I was 16, Christmas was coming and the PS3 looked to be in my future. That is until I went to my friends house who just got a 360 and GOW. We played the ■■■■ out of that game, Campaign, online, 1v1. It was all we did and with that my Christmas list changed from a PS3 to a 360.

I got all my friends into it, meet some cool people on LIVE and literally played every night (my grades suffered haha). From there GOW 2 was an incredible follow up to the original, expanding on the gameplay and story. That campaign intro was unreal I still get goosebumps hearing that speech by Prescott!

GOW3 would be hands down my favorite in the series. I will never forget me and 3 college buddies got it at midnight and skipped our classes the next day to play this 4 player coop campaign in our dorm. My buddy and I even shared a big emotional hug after Doms sacrifice.IMO GOW 3 is the perfect finish to the trilogy, Oh yeah and as always the versus, horde, new Beast, all were excellent.

Then came the next gen, no I didn’t play Judgment yet, and I gotta say I was disappointed with next gen consoles until GOW UE came out. Final got back to form playing my game AND it included digital copies of the rest of the series. So with GOW 4 on the horizon I sat there in my apartment struggling to beat each campaign on insane (including judgment) before we got the next chapter in the Saga. When GOW 4 dropped my buddy from back in 06 and I got back together and struggled for days to get though the campaign on insane and it felt so nostalgic to do that. Now I’ll admit that GOW 4 had its issues but at that point in my life with a wedding coming, a career, a house, etc. I just didn’t have time to worry about the flaws I was playing gears and it was sweet! It also help me connect with my bro in laws who would hop on as a guest and play horde with me.

Gear 5 then came out and basically the same story as GOW 4 occurred, Insane campaign with the original friend and then Horde with my bro in law. Again not a perfect game like GOW 3, but man its fun! Especially since its still one of the few games that still allow couch coop.

Look Basically this entire essay was just something I needed to get down. I seem to come back to this forum every few months when I get in a hardcore gears mood. Especially when my bro in law wants to play all the time now and I figured I share my story for anyone that wants to read a poorly written, of the cuff memoir of this franchise Ha Ha. See we have just added our first addition to the family and my gaming time has greatly declined but when I do get the time Gears is the game I pick up, it always has been. Through the years there hasn’t been another franchise that has been more reliable for me and the dream is to play the campaigns with my child one day!


It’s great man that you have had a great time playing Gears of War, as for me it means a lot also and thanks for sharing with us your message :slight_smile:

Congratulations, first of all, and I hear you. Oh, sweet Jesus, I hear you. I’m in the same boat. :joy:

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Just another reason why I don’t want to have children.

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Congrats on the kid (and the sex heyooo!!) We just had our first as well right about the time Op 4 dropped, so yeah it’s really cutting down on the time i get to play but I’m just trading one thing I love for another. Sucks though b/c I can’t play ranked or horde - gotta stick to social quickplay in case the baby wakes up. Hoping the little guy can play Gears 8 with me :smiley:

It’s cool hearing your nostalgia stories for this series, I had to move to a remote city with my wife a few years ago for her job right around the time GOW4 came out and that game kept me company while living away from home. I’d played the other games in the series but only campaign and horde. I didn’t get into MP online til GOW4 unfortunately, and when i did it was like learning to play the game all over again. That’s when i really started pouring a ton of hours into it.

My fam knows Gears is special to me too - for my groom’s cake at our wedding rehearsal, my wife had a big red Gears omen added to the cake. And anytime my parents come over to visit their new grandson they’re like “you want to play your game? We’ll watch the baby”

Duh, mom.

Thanks dude and I feel ya man haha gotta find your times between feeding and naps but even then its gotta be a pause-able game.

Completely understandable!