A look at how far we've came from Gears 1

I think GOW1 was they reason why I started losing my hair during my late years in highschool lol


Oh I remember those days. So many good memories of rage!

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I’d go back in a moment. Who knew it could get so much worse?

Long live the Curb Stomp.


UE was a masterpiece.


I think we need an old school frontal curb stomp like It was back in One.
And I really think that they should add louder crack sounds to the impact , the current ones are not satisfying enough.

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Except Gears 1 ran off host, Gears 4 and Gears 5 especially play inconsistent as hell and they’re on servers. I think that’s the most glaring issue, you still experince the BS.

That said, god I miss the GoW aesthetic & atmosphere. It was just dark, gritty and matched what was being depicted (giant humans vs giant monsters at war).

Now everything is toned down or graphically better looking yet art-style wise, more cartoonish.

FFS the blood splatter has been turned into a gimmick, of all things!

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I’d be all for that. :+1:

Better than Gears 5

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Yeah good old dial up connection at its finest

Well kids need there scooby doo blood spray! How could you say that!




I am sorry but I do not see anything wrong with any of these kills and deaths, smooth as butter… ha ha ha


For real tho, ppl say the gore hasn’t been toned down but the literal splatter of blood can now be the logo to Forza.

lmao, it was not perfect. lol

One of my favourite (mostly) Gears videos.

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