A lone Gears of War OG Marcus Fenix takes on The Barracks - Solo Master Run!

Gears of War OG Marcus Fenix takes on The Barracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kdpmEV_TcA

The venom on this hive is very unforgiving, took more than a few attempts to figure out the right approach. This is the alternative (second?) path that can be used to complete this hive.

Cards used:

Brutal Efficiency
Headshot Master
Custom Lancer
Band of Brothers


Did you play Marcus on purpose to make it harder on yourself or why didn’t you pick Fahz?

Everyone has already played Fahz/Marksman on this hive, I was looking for something different :+1:


? Same goes for Marcus. He’s a stable for score-runs.

Well done! :+1: Keep them coming :slight_smile:
I did a solo as Gunner on this map ( first path) and in the second act I just ran like a chicken lol

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: Haha, Clayton is a good shout, not even tried playing him, he’s perfect for a chicken run :grinning:

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