A little message for a player who joined me on the Wanderer

This is not a call out post but the player who joined My lobby on the Wanderer as Combat Medic - here is a little message for you. You know who you are.

I kicked you for a reason.

You don’t come into my lobby and start harassing me just because YOU think I did something. For the record - I did not pick up all the ammo in supply rooms. You forgot there are 3 of us who were in the game. Another player needed ammo.

You don’t boo me throughout the whole first act.

You don’t keep shooting at me taking away my stim ( I was Nomad with Armored Shot).

I kicked you because you were having a tantrum like a 5 year old.

By the way, thanks for the message. I blocked and reported you. image


Lol, thats just… Stuuuuupid…

Such behavior…

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This happens to me all the time as well. I do something in a game that has worked for me and my friends hundreds of times but to the random what I did was stupid and won’t work.

Had a game one time where it was 4 BMs and a Jack who was the random. He joined the game and said something along the lines of “you guys are stupid, you will never survive”. The only reason i didn’t kick him was to prove him wrong. Lol we survived that game.

It happens even more often in Escape. People think they know everything. Just chill out and be a team player. We’ll get the job done faster without someone whining.

Ultra has been called various things by randoms in my games. I can assure the randoms that Ultra is miles better than any random ive ever played with. Lol


Unless It’s someone here I really don’t think they do lol. Online PvE and PvP are full of nasty mindsets, I’m not sure why anyone is surprised at this point. Weird thread but relatable I guess.


Some people just think everything has to be their ways., i mean last night on Mercy demo quit because we restarted to get a better tap, calling us noobs… Like wtf, dude, lol…

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He’s here hence the message

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Well that changes everything lmao. I won’t ask any further questions to prevent from locking/call out.

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Did you meet the man, the legend himelf, the J?

We’re gonna use the code name - The Lurker

Don’t think so…

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Oohh this is exciting! It’s like those gameshows - what legend starts with a ‘J’?

I need a name lol

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I’ve always wanted to work in a small-town bar/pub, just so I can hear the gossip.


:laughing: Lol what’s low elo? That’s a new one for me. Maybe it was his poor idea of a joke. Don’t blame you for kicking. I wouldn’t react well to anyone joking around with me like that even if it were a forum member.


It can be extremely dull on certain nights, but then there are the nights were you hear of a man who left his wife and ran off with the babysitter lol.

Also, what the hell is an elo? I am not very social with other gamers per se, so slang is completely lost on me lol.

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From what I’ve seen it’s typically used as a putdown in PVP. Like say you rank up easily because you play nothing but NOOBS. Still not 100% sure of the meaning or how it applies to Escape though.

Don’t know if “ELO” is an acronym for something weird like “Expected Level of Operation” or something weird like that.

But it’s basically how a game’s algorithm believes you’d play based on your past games, way of moving etc. It’s also not 100% based on winning. It may take a bunch of people with low ELO and drop them against a group of super higher score players, and even then, if the lower team put a good fight, the algorithm may favor them and “punish” the winning team because they didn’t win as easily as the algorithm believed they would win.

It’s like how the Ranking system worked when the game launched and sometimes you’d have people win and get MVPs and don’t get points, or lose and still get points.

This is 100% PvP based and so is weird to see someone insult another person in PvE about it, lol.


Just kick and move on.

The need for a thread is a tad too much.


Lol I like Mr Blue Sky by ELO :laughing:

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