A little confused on characters for the season

From my understanding, 4 new characters are being added for this season. What I am confused by though is that characters for Arcade and maybe Horde & Escape in which case the four have now been added a couple of days ago or is it 4 new Heroes for Horde & Escape?

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I believe these are it. This is all we’re getting until the next operation in a month or so. At least that’s what it looks like.

Actually five if you count Grace.

Six, if you want to include that the two cogs have different skins and voiceovers.

I’m fairly certain we aren’t getting anymore characters until Operation 2. However, since they won’t have to devote development time to Terminator characters anymore, I’m hoping that we’ll get a really solid lineup of characters.

Star Wars is coming out in a couple months. #KyloRenInHordeMode

Oh! I hope not. Think it’s bad now, just imagine if Disney got in on it. $24.99 for Spider Man or Han Solo?

I would actually pay that for The Punisher

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Or mickey mouse himself with a gnasher and voice lines