A.I Bots Curbstomp

I have multiple things to say on the matter.

  1. Could we have the Deebee-typed Curbstomp available?
  2. The " Gears 2 Classic Curbstomp " Isn’t accurate to what the bots use.
  3. While I am not complaining about it. I am simply asking if we, the playerbase, had the " AI Bots " Curb Stomp Execution for use by the players. It’s faster than the " Gears 2 Classic Curbstomp " And doesn’t have that stiff part of the animation at the end where you can’t move.

I’ve been saying this since the beginning.

Curb Stomp should be restored to Y in general, at least in Versus modes. Y doesn’t get used for anything else. Curb Stomp is also a long Gears tradition and having it tied to all weapons than it’s own button is very insulting.

It should also be up to the player to customise what curb stomp they can use.


On top of that I feel that holding the button is beyond annoying. More than half the time I cant even get the damn thing to work because you gotta hold the button for longer than neccesary. One of my favorite gimmicks in this game and I hardly use it. Its usually not worth doing.


I agree, and having it bound to the B button makes me accidentally kick the downed enemy killing it more often than not, plus, having to hold it longer than Gears 3’s executions has me sitting there waiting for it to slowly fill up.

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Exactly, there is literally no advantages to both that and the chainsaw being moved to RB.

Terrible, terrible decisions that still haven’t been reverted.

I know what you mean. Kicking by accident is so unsatisfying, especially when it’s that guy.

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Funfact - Use the arm rip execution, it’s the longest in the game, and will waste his time.

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