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A humble request for TC

(Krylon Blue) #23

I don’t ever get disconnected so it doesn’t bother me but I find it ridiculous there are those with issues and they suffer for it. The quitters always play Fort, errr I mean Fartnite once they leave so what does a time suspension do?


It’s been getting really frustrating. The guys that I usually squad up with have quit Gears altogether on account of these issues and oftentimes negitive community (a-la @T0NY_HAYABUSA) and I find myself going up against steady 100+ pingers.

(Krylon Blue) #25

You should have seen the dirty deeds I did to those high ping warriors tonight. There’s some new videos on my profile to peak your interest. :joy:


Lol. I’ll check them out :grin:

(lukebazz91) #27

I look at it like this if TC are so adamant about skill based, competitive match making then any kind of quit should be a month ban minimum. The problem with this is the internet which can and always will effect people who would happily stay but lag out so they would unfairly be punished on the positive side though, the people who should have been culled as baby’s or k/d quitters would be punished.

The ultimate truth is people are not ready to have this level of commitment or responsibility and the best solution that keeps everyone happy is to go back to drop in and out quick match, the really competitive types will go back to organising scrims online, the k/d quitters will quit and if microsoft grew some bollocks would not ban me for giving them their rightfully earned abuse. And finally the normal ordinary people can stay in games they find fun regradless of whether they are losing or not.

A happily ever after that TC will not give, they will however give us a chance to get marcus in a darker colour varriant that we have a chance to get if we spend 1/5th of the game or £10 .

(iDuskk) #28

Yeah I don’t think TC is gonna budge. Quit penalties were a band-aid fix to a bigger problem that still has yet to be fixed. Way more people get disconnected or kicked from games then willfully quit them. With penalties now if 3 teammates quit you gotta sit there and get T-Bagged by the enemy team while they stall out the clock for free kills.

Quit penalties did far more harm then good imo.

(Goodacre) #29

they dont care

I would suggest everyone just make alternate accounts for this very reason. it happens so often me and my friends all have 2-3 spare accounts ready.

reposting my solution for bans and low population count:

get rid of social, put all modes into the same list, have rolling lobbies, allow people to quit, allow people to join mid-match. maybe merge some modes into the same hopper (Execution/Warzone) (armsrace/guardian)

the more options people have to chose from it makes it harder to matchmake.

  • TDM
  • Escalation
  • KOTH/Dodgeball
  • Guradian/ArmsRace
  • Execution/ Warzone

this would be all you can choose from instead of the 10? we have now

you might say this makes ranks pointless but really who cares, its Gears of War not League of Legends. lets stop pretending this game is some paragon of eports.

(Krylon Blue) #31

Those penalties are working great!



Wonderful job TC! You’ve saved us once again!

(III EnVii III) #33



(Krylon Blue) #34

It’s always Fartnite. My friend gets a suspension because the servers are screwed up but he waits to play again. These idiots quit out and go play another game.

The penalties only hurt the legit players. Remove them because they don’t help. Your statistics can’t prove otherwise because quitters are FINE playing other games. They chose to do so.


I’m sure TC will listen to us…

(Krylon Blue) #36


(Krylon Blue) #37

Oh look at that. Quitters must care so much that they’re penalized.


Lol! And yet TC still won’t listen

(Krylon Blue) #39

It’s always a Battle Royale game. Never fails.