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A humble request for TC


My request is to have the quitting penalties made obsolete. Over the past couple of hours, multiple threads have been made by people who have been unjustly banned from games. And this has been something that has been going on for quite some time. And,as both @Krylon_Blue and @ll_R_E_D_l recently pointed out in different threads, these bans hurt legitimate players who were unfairly booted from a game far more then actual quitters.
I do not mean this to be another thread complaining about getting kicked from a game. I have already made plenty of those, as have others. But my purpose is to try to ask for the complete dismantlement of the current penalty system.
I understand that quitters are a very large problem. at least 75% of the ranked matches I play have 1-2 quitters. But I would much rather deal with the aftermath of having to finish a game minus a player, then risk getting a ban because I got inexplicably kicked from a game.
A possible better solution is to provide a larger incentive to stay in a game, or reward those who stay in games that have quitters.

I do believe that this is a larger issue then what TC realizes, and although I do appreciate their dedication to trying to combat quitters, the way in which they have gone about this has been counterproductive.

Thank you

(ll R E D l) #2

Dude I’ve been saying ALL this since the penalty was implemented. And the sad part is the actual people that quit because they’re losing/playing bad don’t care about the penalty because they just jump on another game. Its only been hurting true players since day 1. TC should have taken it out long ago but instead all we got was a “we’re looking into it” and that was what 6/7 months ago and nothing since. TC really knows how to keep there players happy. And we all wonder why the population is so small at this point


Completely agree. And one of the first posts I ever made on here was on this subject. I am hoping that at some point, this will catch TC’s attention.

(ll R E D l) #4

TC’s not fixing anything at this point. They had EVERY chance to address issues that people have been complaining about for almost 2 years now, And even if they did try to fix this problem I’m afraid 2 more things will get messed up like most updates did. Also you might as well send them a message on twitter because I mean come on it’s not like this is the official forums or anything.


Lol. I sadly don’t have a Twitter account, and I feel like I bug the Mods with DMs enough. So this is it :joy:

Honestly, how hard would it be to retract the bans? At least until 5 comes out. All we are talking about is a couple months

(Krylon Blue) #6

I played the other day and there were 3 quitters in 3 different matches. Each one of these quitters went to play Fortnite immediately after quitting. Today my friend was booted before the match started. He got suspended and went to bed.

The innocent get screwed. The quitters just go play Fortnite.

(ll R E D l) #7

I understand to reach more of the casual fans they use twitter but most people come on here to vent and complain about the problems with this game so I truly don’t understand why they aren’t more active here. The problem is TC won’t admit they messed up with the penalty or else they would have removed it by now. TC really needs to spend more time on here going over what we are saying because it sure doesn’t seem like they do.

(ll R E D l) #8

I see this ALL the time quit then go play fortnite. The fact that TC gave us 1 measly “we’re looking into it” is a slap in the face to the rest of us

(iTiiDuS iNc) #9

Yeah it IS a risk playing ranked with the current server situation and jes they should help legit player who are actually not quitting.
There was a nice feature the game
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite I believe it was. When Quitter showed a typical pattern of when they quit, they keep tracking it and put them in a own server pool where they could play with each other only.
I’m not saying TC should program that for Gears 4, I’m just saying there are options.
The sad part is that ranked matches are the only way to play on Competitive Tuning


What about Comp Warm-up?


Although I do agree that the quit penalty is terrible because it can’t decipher between a lost connection or an actual quitter, I implore you to move on from the game if it bothers you that much. I know it’s gears and it’s you’re only game you play without a MIC I might add but move on already.


Lol. Yeah, and if it weren’t for the fact that that 5 comes out this year, I probably would move on. But because I’ve still got a few months before it comes out, I want to use that time to practice on 4. I’m hoping to make diamond in Gears 5 (or the Gears 5 equivalent) so as much practice as I can get now, the better.
Don’t worry, I’ll get a mic. I didn’t see the need at first, on account that i’m a solo player, but i’m started to squad up with people now, and a mic would be helpful.

And as a bonus, you would get to hear my luxurious, irresistible voice :joy:


I’ll probably just tell to you ■■■■ when I hear you speak anyways


Yup. That’s most people’s response to when I speak😂

(Krylon Blue) #16

You can join in on the post lobby banter telling the Mexico players their internet sucks. I’m sure most don’t understand me but sometimes I get the rude message calling me names, lol. Their communication gets banned sometimes. :joy:

Mission accomplished.


I would expect nothing less from the Cleaner😂

(iTiiDuS iNc) #18

The words "move on"and "Gears"in one sentence dosen’t make any sense, sir.


You apparently don’t know Tony😂

(Krylon Blue) #21

In typical fashion we saw about 8 quitters today with 5 of them immediately booting up Fortnite.

…the suspension doesn’t matter to them. Stop penalizing those that want to play but get booted due to your weird server or coding issues.


How many times do we have to say this for TC to listen? And not just listen, but actually make a change