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A humble opinion regarding GEARS 5

Hi team,

First of all I want to congratulate you on this very first tech test, I have been having a hell of a time playing Gears 5 . So much that I dont want to play anymore Gears of War 4, due that Gears 5 feels more arcade and advanced in every step of the way.

However I woult like to point out some things I have noticed on Gears 5 that I think it would be great to change over or consider making modifications.

  1. The damage Omen: I dont think having a big omen while taking damage its a good thing, It doesnt allow the player to see well the action, I would advice to keep the original damage omen as it is , surely this new omen looks cool however it not functional in this way it has to be minimalistic, less is more.

  2. Lancer Active Reloading: I notice that the lancer takes a lot of time to reload in active reloading, it would be great to have it as gears 4 which is faster and more fluid in the way to recharge the lancer.

I think by having these two situations addressed it would increase a lot more the experience of playting the game, I 've had a good time playing it and I do believe the reason I have an Xbox One its due of the Gears Games which In my consideration its one of the best games besides Contra 3 the Aliens Wars and the original Contra.

Thanks and Congratulations on this great game that you have created.

Daniel Zuniga Gtz.

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