A great update to break the game on pc

great stuttering and random fps drops, when can you enjoy the game on pc?

meanwhile your favorite boys with 1 ping thinking they are good players


I also get the random stutters and fps drops. Very annoying. Someone said to update to latest nvidia drivers 460.89 with a clean install will fix the issue. Haven’t had time to do that yet

it worked the first time i play, after that again all problems

I uploaded a video showing TC lies claiming they fixed that but isn’t true

I installed the recent Nvidia hotfix driver and I got GW502 error just loading the hivebusters dlc campaign save game.

BSOD while playing Horde juvies event

They introduced some gfx features that have a heavy impact on fps. Not sure if that has anything to do with your issue, but you’re probably seeing on average 10-15 lower FPS.

I deactivate absolutely everything

You can’t turn off some of them.

asynchronous computing,hierarchical resources,
index shading.
on off does not matter. and there is talk of jumps from 80 to 160 fps,in my case

I updated my RTX 380 to 460.89 and immediately began experiencing major stuttering yesterday…like brief micro freezes. I went back to an older driver and it seems to fix it. I’m not sure if this was related to the new Nvidia drivers or the recent Gears update not playing well with this driver set.

No, it happened always at least for me I suffered stuttering every day, is randomly, sometimes at the same map stutters or not.

I still get it and I’m on series x, not as bad as my other xboxes though, very annoying

Same here. It’s a major issue.

disabling gsync from my monitor fixes

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I’ll have to try this. But having a GSYNC monitor means I want to use it as a GSYNC monitor. It’s unacceptable that I’d have to disable this feature in order to make the game run properly but I’ll give it a shot this week

Thanks for the suggestion!

Already sent this to bugs and fixes reports:

I’ve been playing with the same PC since Geasr 5 launched, I have only switch between GPUs, had a 2070s, 2080 super, 3070 and now I have a 3080… I never had issues like now. always played ULTRA mode 2k 144hz and never had more than 80% usage with RTX2000 seires and with the 3070 before the update I had 40% usage and then with the 3080 same … But after the update my card its on 100% usage all the time, I still get my 144FPS but ofcourse its a 3080, but I dont get it, you are telling me that I need a 3090 to play GEARS5? I dont think so, played fine with all my cards.
Thanks not all, the game looks really weird, graphics are irrelugar, stuttering, already tried low graphics, medium, ultra, recommended, uninstalled the game, installed again, I deactivate the vertical sync and it stops but that looks ugly, always played with vertical sync… The only solution I have found its to play on windows mode or change the resolution to 103%, but definitly something is wrong. I went to Gears4 and everything is fine on ULTRA settings, no problems.
On the main menu I see weird squares on the characters, is very weird.
Now I have a 3080 with a 10900K and its unplayable. Im gonna try to format my PC this weekend and I hope I am the problem but I dont think so cuz I already uninstalled the game and same errors. The game was perfect before the update (i mean graphically), cuz after you changed TDM for only 2 players well everything went down hill, but thats another subject.
Please please please check it out, there is no way Gears 5 usses 100% of a 3080 when I use to play with a 2080s just fine, steady 144fps with v-sync and no problems.

I have a laptop with a 2060 and while I’m playing it says its using 80% with ultra settings, there is no way a 3080 needs 100%.

I dont really care about the squares on the main menu, I care about the stuttering while gaming, looks horrible and its not even the ULTRA setting, cuz its the same on LOW. =(


I’m having the same problem with my RTX 3070 since the last dlc update, my gpu is running 100% on lobby and dropping fps, some times I’m playing only 90fps even in low or medium. So this isn’t right, right? Or maybe I need 2 RTX 3090 to run gears 5 ? Hahaha 2 months ago I used to play with my Rtx2060s 144fps ultra settings and everything was smooth and nicely. I sent 4 tickets to support I hope they will do something soon, but early today I saw a tweet from gears account that says “we see you January 4th “ so I think we won’t have any update soon.

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An update.

I disabled GSYNC in the Nvidia Control Panel. The stuttering has completely disappeared after doing so.

Don’t feel I should have to do this but oh well

Thanks for the tip!

if not it should happen my odyssey g9 with gsync disabled is lame

at least with vsync disabled in gears 5 the screen doesn’t cut off anyway


I spent a fortune on the top of the line ASUS 4K (Certified 1000nit HDR) with Gsync monitor (27”). I expect to be able to use it to its full capabilities. But thank you very much GEARS.

PS. Love the kitty!

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For my part (rtx 2080 super 460.89 and gsync monitor), I have no stuttering with gsync enabled. On the other hand, I disabled in the game:

  • V-sync
  • Contact shadow
  • async compute

And also, I have found that Gears 5 is a game optimized only for AMD cards