A Gears of War Dedicated To Esports

I remember posting a long time ago about a gears of war playlist for people who had the peripherals and the connection to play the game. I Feel like the game would grow so much more if you guys at The Coalition came out with a copy of gears of war completely dedicated to Multiplayer. So you guys don’t have to focus on Horde and can take your time on the Campaign. This way you can interact with the multiplayer gamers and only worry about them as a whole. It’s working for Fortnite am I wrong? Imagine a gears sponsored by MLG. I’d buy 6 copies. Internet Cafes alone would be buying you out. I’d love to see local lans like NJ halo go big like hypefestation but grow like MLG fast. Honestly I’d like gears to be at a level of esports where we don’t need a big name like MLG to back it. Just esports gears. Or just gears… I love the storyline. But when you talk to me about gears I only think about MLG.

I’m sorry but I actually love Campaign Mode and wouldn’t want litterally just MP.

Although I have no interest in Horde Mode - I know a lot of people do and it helps with the player base as those players will also play MP too sometimes plus spend money on backs helping the game survive and get better due to flow of money coming in for TC.

Plus, what you are asking, TC could do within a game anyway however - is that just Escalation and Execution anyway?

I compete on LAN for Gears and would still 100% not want them to cut Single Player.

Honestly they are 2 different things and cutting the Single Player won’t necessary do anything for Multiplayer in all honesty.

Plus there are TONS of people who play Horde non stop and there is no reason to cut them out

Wether you compete on lan or not isn’t a factor. I said TC should create a game focused on multiplayer. Meaning another team will be working on the campaign and horde. And one team will focus fully on multiplayer and absolutely nothing else. Allowing more time for a better campaign and hopefully an even better multiplayer. If you can’t deal with no campaign and you thought gears 4 was good I feel sorry for you man. That campaign lacked tons of content. It ended terribly.

It’s much more organized to do one thing at a time. You focus on one thing at a time. As a LAN player I learned that. When your whole team focuses on one person with the lancer from different angles he is not going to get back up. So if the whole team focuses on multiplayer. They are going to kill it. It’s going to be the best gears ever. If you don’t understand that that is the best thing that can happen to the gears community don’t call yourself a LAN player. If you don’t come home and play that campaign and stream it every day and pull viewers stop it. It’s all about that MP.

Like I said. Campaign is great. I didn’t think gears 4 was in improvement in story. But if there is a whole team focused on campaign that also has multiplayer in it (which could probably be the core mode) it will be the best game they can come out with. Gears has been pushed to release multiple times resulting in an unfinished product. So I suggest that the coalition takes the opportunity after gears 5 comes out to do so. Even if gears 6 has to come out before the esports edition, It’s not really a discussion at this point or a decision for you to make. It’s my suggestion to the coalition. Whether they would like to do it or not is a yes or no question. I would dismiss anything else they have to say about what I suggested. It’s just my opinion, which I predict will have a very high success rate. I’m not wrong often. Just picture the commercial lucidly.

Just want to let it be known that I never said “TC should cut campaign”. I said they should take their time on developing it.

“gears of war completely dedicated to Multiplayer. So you guys don’t have to focus on Horde and can take your time on the Campaign.

What would gears be without the campaign. It’s only a matter of time before TC realizes that multiplayer only games succeed the most. What would fortnite be without battle Royale. What would overwatch be without competitive cs go etc. Would you watch campaigns of that. Would you watch people stream horde 24/7. Like yeah I gotta go home and watch this kid stream horde maybe something insane will happen nope. Gow Esports edition make it happen please.

The campaign is was got my attention in the first place when Gears of War back launched in 2006. The story, characters, weapons (especially the chainsaw on the Lancer) to be honest a Gears without a story, or Horde wouldn’t be Gears at all. Even though I do love the MP of Gears it would kill me to see a Gears game without a story, and sales would suffer in my opinion.

Something people might not know about the first Gears, Multiplayer was added last minute, and originally it was only going to ship with Campaign. So happy they did add it cause I’ll never forget that first match I played, it was the most intense, sweaty multiplayer match I ever played.

Great discussion going on here though…

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While I’m okay with Multiplayers catering to eSports and maybe a wider audience, more attention for that, not paying much attention or supporting Horde Mode would literally kill Gears for me. I never played UE and only little of Judgment (mainly for Campaign), because it had no Horde Mode.

I was saying the LAN bit to show you that I’m dedicated to the multiplayer of Gears.

rereading kinda what your saying and they have basically done that already. They announced after launch that there would be 0 campaign DLC and I don’t think they have patched anything so 100% of post launch focus has been Horde and Multiplayer. and like I said before they have too many dedicated Horde players to cut it it’s too core of a feature at this point

Campaign was what got me too. I thought multiplayer was gonna be boring. It’s all I want to look at now. I could see The Coalition taking their time on horde. I see way too many glitches on horde. If each project was individually worked on by different teams you’d have better finished products. I see horde moving towards a more open world theme. It doesn’t work on multiplayer maps at all. I see bosses getting stuck and people getting cheap wins. They’re satisfied with that type of cheap victory and I’m not. I want the full challenge no glitches straight skill. I want to know I’m one of the guys who got to the final boss in horde and we killed it as a team it was so hectic. Where as right now it’s more of a lets hide in a corner and build a million turrets and let the game do it for us I’ll pull out this torch and we got this. Campaign was horde btw. I want it to be the actual story. Which is why I want the coalition to take their time and release what they can little by little. If this post is what gets the multiplayer portion delayed and campaign and horde in gears 5 I would love that. I think that esports gears is a completely different game than what you get on campaign. I’d just love to see TC give gow multiplayer that TLC.

All I want in my Gears games is a single player and co-op campaign at the very least, maybe horde, maybe. Co-op is what it is all about.