A Gears 5 Clip did fairly well on TikTok

Going to start with saying I’m not ashamed to admit my usage of TikTok. I find funny videos and sometimes hot moms passed all the cringe teenagers. That is besides the point though…

This Gears clip by DeadlySkorge was uploaded 5 days ago and got 73k likes, 1.5k comments and 380k views which is actually insane for Gears of War content imo. Regardless if the clip isn’t to your liking or standards those are good numbers for TikTok considering anything 200k+ is considered viral.

Again its not the content itself that matters but the principle at hand that Gears gained that kind of traction on a different platform

Here are some of the comments since you need an account to see comments

But yeah I just thought this was cool. Glad to see Gears reaching out when it can!



Theres nothing wrong with TikTok, it’s like any social media really, some good, some bad.


@SnubbbS @Aloha_its_Kyle


Hilarious that I just saw this like 2 hours ago when I searched Gow5 hastags. My 9snipe/6feed getting battered by this clickers clip 100%

This has tiktok energy, wrong game though.

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It took you over 12 hours to answer the poor man. Smh


Just make fifa tik toks at this point

Imagine finding out he is online… in a party… and you never get an invite.

Nah I finally made one for gow. TikTok

Idc if I upload 100 videos and get combined 2 views this process is actually fun.


That’s honestly how it should be. You should create content because you enjoy it.
When Gears 6 drops get on that hype early if you really wanna see some gains :sunglasses:

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