A “FYI” regarding last week’s(or this week’s, based on time zone) dev stream

The main thing this is meant to be about is this :
A “Play with devs” session was mentioned as being a weekly occurrence, unlikely to start next week, but it is intended to be something where you can play with a dev and ask questions. Uncertain if this is going to replace the dev stream or not, wasn’t able to pick that out.

Other noteworthy things if people were still unaware :

  • Some “big” updates coming, for Ranked from what I hear, no details on what they involve
  • Details on Allies changes, which will have 10 levels, and where the current Level 2 requirement is now, will be at Level 5, while where the current Level 5 requirement is, will be at Level 10, and the bonuses provided past Level 5 will be an increase over the current max bonus. The amount of points required to reach max Allies level remains unchanged. Intention was to spread the grind over a bigger amount of levels to make it seem less worse. Seems unlikely that it will be a mid Operation change at this moment.
  • Reups are being changed to be far less harsh in their requirements after Reup 20, no details on how TC plans to go about this in particular, or when this might come through
  • The general intention right now seems to be to reduce the grind and instead just let people play however they want, which entails reducing existing overly grindy things like Allies or Reups, and not adding any such extreme over the top grinds in the future. Octus acknowledged they missed the mark with making some of these grinds feel rewarding when you reached their end, particularly with the Reup system.
  • Level 6 skills are still not a priority. It is unknown when they come, but no plans to let people scrap their 100+ Common duplicates(they didn’t say that, mind you) are in place as they want players to have a way to get to Level 6 immediately once it is added. If any further levels are added it will be discussed and announced if I heard what was said correctly.
  • Ranked Gridiron is intended to come in the following weeks
  • There is also going to be a bunch of Gears Tactics blog posts about its mechanics and things in the future, but that’s all I heard in that regard. No precise timeframe given.
  • TC intends to have several people other than Octus and Dana on stream, though I do not remember their specific roles, they have something to do with PvP and PvE respectively. Was mentioned more in detail at the beginning of the stream so may have to rewatch it later.
  • TC is remaining open to tweak various aspects of Gridiron(weapon spawns, touchdown timers, etc.) to make the mode “as people want it”.

If I missed any details or think there was more noteworthy things to mention, feel free to add them yourself.