A Future Content Survey (w/ Results)

Operation 4 has sparked new life in Gears 5 for me so I created a survey to try to collect data and create a ranking from the forum community regarding interest in POSSIBLE future content for Gears 5 or even future titles. The topics include:

  • Old maps for Versus

  • Old maps for Horde

  • Characters (COG/Swarm)

  • Weapons

This is not in any way affiliated with The Coalition or Microsoft Game Studios and in no way do the results of this survey or the options provided in the survey indicate whether or not these will, or will not, be included as future content in the series.

Please feel free to only answer some questions if you don’t feel strongly about one of the topics. Absolutely fill out the “Other” Option if you think of anything not listed.

I did not include judgment maps as they are definitely designed with that games movement and play style in mind. And guest characters I did not include as this is more to gauge what characters from past games and lore you would like to see, but it doesn’t mean you can’t list them in other.

Thanks for looking and participating if you do take the survey. I will try to update this after some responses (hopefully) come in to try to see what the community gravitates towards.



Is this the same guy that did the last survey? Filled that one out and still haven’t even heard back from that one yet.

Nope… I forget who it was but I’m sure someone can link it for reference.

Edit: here is the survey I found if this is who you meant. Gears of War Survey!

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Done! Good survey! Must have taken awhile to put all those things in alphabetical order!

Cole, the Train!? :crazy_face:

That is what happens when you run on too much whole grains.

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New maps for all modes

Done. Good survey, the maps were certainly not easy to pick.

Gears of War 2 Map Pack for Operation 5, give me them all :joy:

Fact. But I split them because truly there are some maps that are great for either PvE or PvP but then bad for the other.

Such as Overpass. Really enjoy that for PvE…but it’s not the best option for PvP to me

Doing it now :+1:

Very well thought out. Would love to think TC will take notice…
For the maps I voted 4 Gears 3 (or in 3 as well) but not any we had in Gears 4

Although for Horde specific maps I had 4 from Gears 2.

I know you omitted J a gave reasons but I think Boneyard and Lost City (and others) coukd work, allowing for the fact we jump down from the platforms in Traing Grounds no problem.

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They had some MAJOR jump downs though that would need to be adjusted in some way for some of the maps. Like Gandola haha

There are definitely some good maps, but definitely play with the speed of Judgment in mind over shooting players down and cleaning up kills/executing.

Someone should tag a dev or admin so they can take notice

Results through a couple days of replies are posted below. I am only including the heads of the pack from the data in each question as to not bombard with even more info. If you care to see everything, here is the link to the full results. https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-PWZQNWSG7

Maps for VERSUS: 22 Total Replies
Map (# of people who chose & average ranking in the top 5)

  1. Gridlock (6 people & 2.00 rank)
  2. Jacinto (6 people & 2.67 rank)
  3. River (6 people & 2.83 rank)
  4. Pavilion (6 people & 3.00 rank)
  5. Mansion (5 People & 1.80 rank)
  6. Day One (5 people & 2.20 rank)
  7. Diner (5 people & 3.00 rank)
  8. Raven Down (5 people & 3.00 rank)

Many 3 or 4 people answers. See full data for them.

Maps for HORDE: 21 Total Replies
Map (# of people who chose & average ranking in the top 5)

  1. Day One (7 people & 3.14 rank)
  2. River (6 people & 2.50 rank)
  3. Courtyard (5 people & 2.60 rank)
  4. Nowhere (5 people & 3.40 rank)
  5. Diner (4 people & 2.75 rank)
  6. Allfathers Garden (4 people & 3.00 rank)

LOTS of 2 or 3 people answers. See full data for all of them.

Characters for COG: 23 Total Replies
Character (# of people who chose & average ranking in the top 5)

  1. Anya Stroud (12 people & 3.08 rating)
  2. Victor Hoffman (10 people & 2.70 rating)
  3. Dizzy Wallin (9 people & 3.00 rating)
  4. Tai Kaliso (8 people & 1.88 rating)
  5. Michael Barrick (7 people & 2.14 rating)
  6. Sofia Hendrik (7 people & 2.86 rating)
  7. Sam Byrne (7 people & 3.14 rating)

LOTS of 3-5 people answers. See full data for them.

Characters for SWARM/LOCUST: 23 Total Replies
Character (# of people who chose & average ranking in the top 5)

  1. Skorge (13 people & 2.85 rating)
  2. Ukkon (9 people & 3.11 rating)
  3. Disciple (9 people & 3.11 rating)
  4. Zealot (8 people & 2.62 rating)
  5. Reyna Diaz (Swarm Queen) (7 people & 2.29 rating)
  6. Locust Sniper (7 people & 2.57 rating)
  7. Savage Kantus (7 people & 3.29 rating)

Many 4 or 5 people answers. See full data for them.

Weapons: 23 Total Replies
Weapon (# of people who chose & average ranking in the top 5)

  1. Hammer of Dawn (15 people & 2.47 rating)
  2. Boomshield (12 people & 3.08 rating)
  3. Scorcher (12 people & 3.33 rating)
  4. Booshka (10 people & 2.90 rating)
  5. Mortar (10 people & 3.10 rating)
  6. Breechshot (9 people & 2.44 rating)
  7. Cleaver (9 people & 3.00 rating)

By far the easiest data on the eyes because of the fewer options haha. Only choice without a single selection in this question so far are the Beacon Grenades!

I posted this to the GoW reddit in hopes of some more replies so will give another update later in the week as more replies hopefully make their way in. Thank you for those who took the time to reply.

TC Sera said they tend to read most posts relating to feedback and the like, so I don’t think tagging is necessary. But others can feel free to if they deem it necessary(I do it often enough myself already).

These are some interesting numbers, Did not expect to see Diner doing so well.

See the full results as of end of day 7/21/20 at the link below (NOTE: I believe you can only see the first 40 responses unless you have a premium account with SurveyMonkey)

Here are the top 5 for each question through 112 responses (WOW, thank you for the time and replies everyone):

Versus Maps
1 Jacinto (37 responses)
2 Gridlock (36)
3 River (34)
4 Mansion (25)
5 Clocktower (24)

Horde Maps
1 Day One (20)
2 River (20)
3 Jacinto (17)
4 Mercy (16)
5 Thrashball (15) this had a three-way tie with Azura and Allfathers Garden but Thrashball had the highest average rank to take spot 5.

1 Anya Stroud (50)
2 Dizzy Wallin (45)
3 Victor Hoffman (44)
4 Tai Kaliso (35)
5 Sam Byrne (30)

1 Skorge (52)
2 Ukkon (38)
3 Reyna Diaz (Swarm Queen) (32)
4 Locust Sniper (31)
5 Lambent (Drone, Grenadier, Elite) (30)

1 Scorcher (61)
2 Hammer or Dawn (59)
3 Boomshield (49)
4 Digger (44)
5 Breechshot (42)

Thank you so much for all the replies so far. Already a greater response than I ever expected.

PLEASE share this survey/thread around to your fellow gearheads to try to get even more responses. The more data to share with TC the better the reflection of what the community would like to see sooner rather than later. @TC_Sera I am unsure if there is anything you can do to help in spreading the word via other social media outlets as I have only posted here and on the gears subreddit. Would love to get as many responses as possible without spamming as I know it just becomes a nuisance at that point.

Biggest surprise to me so far in the data is Swarm Queen Reyna as a top swarm skin. I added that in just as a wildcard and it is overshooting my expectations by a mile.

Thanks for linking, I explained what happened in that thread, already made a follow up that will be up shortly.