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A funny moment in Gears


I played a Elite Difficulty Horde match the other day in Pubs. We needed a Del, and no one in the lobby wanted to be Del so I went ahead and changed to Del to have a rounded out team.

We get into the match and before the 1st round even starts, the JD player is saying in the Chat, “Why you not putting up Barriers?”.

So I respond in saying “Well its only on Elite and we have a Jack playing, so we can get the Forge going first”

Here is the funny part.

The player then tells me that I don’t know what i’m doing and I should read the Del guide in the Gears forums. Someone named Bulk made it. :smile:

Now, I appreciate that people are actually reading the guides, but to have a guide I put together be used against me was pretty damn funny.

Thank you to whoever that player was, as you made me laugh for the rest of the night. I would have told you then but you quit before even round 1 finished.

ahh good times.

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So, you gonna tell us how you explained to him that you wrote the guide? Don’t just leave us hanging.

Woops! Lol.

Yea talk about a Sopranos ending there,

I was actually about to mention this but they left before I was able to do so. Which in turn made the humor even more enjoyable. :slight_smile:

Still a better story than Dels deciding the first thing we need on wave 1 is a damned Sentry. Makes me consider just playing Elite or Insane and Inconceivable whenever I can’t have someone to play with who’d run Master or Inconceivable to have better chances at having good teammates.