A fitting end to Gears 5 play

I finally reached Re-Up 50, level 100, and it was during a public Inconceivable Horde match on Reactor with the daily modifiers.

After a well-played game with a bunch of lower ranking individuals, despite my horrible lag we managed to get to round 12, and it was down to a Wakaatu and 2 other regular enemies, so we were definitely going to win this.

Then, an animation of the Wakaatu breaking out of the ground so horribly froze the game, it crashed, ending it all and wasting all our time, right at the end. I froze so bad I had to restart my computer.

Anyway, reloaded my game, and I was level 100, it seems whatever I had done to that point pushed me to the top.

It was a fitting end for my time with this game.

I’m probably one of the few players to get to this rank 100% on PvE, I never played a single PvP match in Gears 5.

I may turn this game back on once or twice to see what the future holds, but I’m hoping Gears 6 is a better overall experience than the latter half of my time with Gears 5, or that it doesn’t get abandoned like this game was.


i dont PvP either and im around re-up 27 or some such. i dont think i will hit 50 before the game dies.

Regardless i salute a fellow diligent PvE player.


I’ve played like under an hour of PvP multiplayer just to see how it is (Not Good!) and well over 30 days in PvE.

I think I’m at Re up 46 lvl66 so I doubt I’ll ever get to Re up 50. I just don’t find the game to be enjoyable any more I’m bored within 5 minutes of playing it, plus the reward just isn’t worth it since I never play proper multiplayer anyway.

I played very little PvP and I hit re up 43 before the re up changes.

I was nearly re-up 48 when TC decided to give away re-ups like candy.

At that point I lost complete interest in this game.

I think of it now as a complete waste of my time. I will play 6 but going to have a completely different approach to it.


TC : We fixed the Wakaatu bugging out
Wakaatu : That was a lie

PvP literally gives less EXP than PvE though

You should still consider playing from time to time
the re-up values were changed so had it be the older EXP tables you wouldn’t be this rank. This is not to say you don’t deserve it, TC made this change so its quite official.

It’s pretty much the same thing as players going around saying “fake masters” because its easier to get Masters now. Well jokes on you buddy, the game gave me the skins AND the mark.

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Don’t worry we’ll get re-up 100 in the next big update.



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I only played PvE for the dailies myself and congrats on reaching max level.

Congrats on that milestone, feels good getting thru the slog doesn’t it?

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Congrats Op for the full Re-Up😎

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What’s the exp curve like from 1-50? Does it get much harder as you re up?

Not really, they released a graph somewhere on here and it’s nowhere near as steep as what it was

It’s not nearly as bad as it once was.

When TC changed the experience needed, I was Re-Up 23-24, and it jumped me to Re-up 46.

There is no way on this planet I would’ve ever gotten to 50 without the changes. Even at 23-24 it was 15k experience PER RANK. Based on my math, I think the original Re-Up 50 was around 40-50k per rank. Utter insanity.

I truly feel bad for anyone who got to 50 the old school way, such a waste of time, although I’m assuming it was just endless grind speed runs.

This has all of the old Re Up information

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Yeah if I’m reading that right 40k per. No way I’d grind that out.

Thanks man, lol I wish they gave out boosts more often, don’t think I’ve had one since the game started, usually try to save my iron to at least 500