A final message to TC regarding Gears 5

I really wanted to love this game. I did. I put a lot of hours into it, and occasionally (without the bugs) it was sort of fun.

Being a perfectionist, I originally wanted to unlock everything in the game, including all the promotional characters levels, challenges, cards, etc. (Halo and Terminator).

I don’t really “care” at all about the characters, but I’m PO’ed to no end that the promotional characters were dumped, and then never developed at all, in the slightest, after their original release.

The uncoupling of the classes gives even more reason to finally give them some additional cards, better perks, or even a worthwhile passive ability, but nope, they could not be bothered to do this.

Grace / The Striker class is especially a joke. She can hold 5 cards but has, what, 7 TOTAL? And no new cards in OP5.

At least throw them some bones from other classes, why couldn’t the Sarah Conner class get bleed explosive damage, at least? Or make the Grace character not completely beholden to a weapon the enemies can destroy in 2 seconds?

Sure, JD has to buy his GL too, but it can’t be destroyed.

It’s just one reason among many (nerfing Kait ridiculously, nerfing Clayton’s mulcher, making the fabricator non-indestructible), but the absolute ignoring of the promotional classes in OP 5 tells me that TC simply doesn’t care about anyone who invested anything to get them.

I suppose I’ll give Gears 6 a shot, if / when it’s out, but I’m done with this game.

Why TC, did you specifically do things to make this game LESS FUN???

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No competitive game modes in ranked. Casual game now. What a joke

I may still knock out some dailies, and attend a horde event or two if I see a reward I like, but with the news of Escape’s passing I don’t feel motivated anymore. To me, that mode was the the lifeblood of Gears and what kept me coming back. Definitely don’t feel like grinding out more cards just for a mode I don’t care for. Maybe this is a good thing as my backlog was getting out of control. Speaking of Control… great game so far. Anyone else played?

I’ve heard it’s very good. Have yet to pick it up yet though.

Happen to know if it’s potentially on sale? Lol

Not sure what to make of this, a toodles tossers Post, or a crying session of how the game has de-evolved… Or both.

Sure Gears 5 has gone downhill, but surely, giving up on it now, just as OP 5 is a week away, seems, odd to me. I have not played since OP 4, well, two weeks in to Op 4. I have a serious issue with the Fabricator being opened up to everyone and everything, i just can not play Gears 5 (Horde) anymore knowing my awesome (slight exaggeration) Engineering skills/creativity will be at risk because everyone and their dog is using the Energy (wasting) when there is a perfectly good Engineer on the field.
And of course the usual crap with PvP, nothing new there. Escape, yeah, never been a fan of that.

Leaving now, a week before OP 5, even if the game is declining really does seem odd. One of these OP’s might fix the game, who knows OP 5 could be super freaking awesome with Chips, or even a Bacon Sandwich with Brown Sauce. Who knows.

Nah, best one was Epic Games’ Halloween sale a couple weeks ago. With the coupon, the ult edition was only $17. Prolly need to wait til Black Friday now. It’s made by the same people who did Alan Wake so if you liked that you should like Control. It’s similarly weird and creepy like AW, but I’d say better since gameplay and combat are much improved over it.

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