A few things that should be addressed for Gears 4:

  • No matter the quantity, I cannot create bounty cards through the website and have never been able to. I prefer doing it this way because as far as I know there is no way to create cards in bulk directly through the game. For obvious reasons it’s faster to do it this way than create them one by one in-game with such a clunky interface.

  • Don’t know why it’s this card specifically it seems like but after almost three years I have yet to gain the rifle accuracy Horde card. It’s practically a Legendary skill and not a Rare skill as I have not gotten it once in all the Horde packs I’ve opened. If this is by design, it should still be addressed because the expectation of how often this card should show up is betrayed by how rare it truly is.

  • Remove the social quickplay restriction. The team balancing for social (if there was any) is a joke anyway, not to mention social quickplay should be meant for a way for five friends to play the game without being forced to play against people playing competitively.

  • If possible, at least make Horde on console play at 60FPS. 30FPS isn’t a cinematic experience, it’s a nightmare when these days games are slowly but surely are running at a minimum of 60FPS. Campaign should run at 60FPS as well for a unified experience, but at least Horde would do.

Gears 4 is almost certainly not going to receive any further fixes or changes in the foreseeable, or at least near, future. There’s this thing called Gears 5 just around the corner, and it’s what is occupying TC at this point.


Regarding the Rifle Accuracy card, you’re probably better off buying the Operations Packs instead. They cost more credits but are more likely to drop Rare and Epic Horde skill cards.

Also the official website’s Card Companion has been faulty for several weeks now. It’s been reported to TC but whether they fix it or not is another matter with GOW5 being less than a fortnight away (early access at least).

  1. TC is aware of it but I wouldn’t expect a fix for it soon if at all.

  2. Yep, that’s RNG. For most people the last card was an epic, it just shows how stupid the system is if you’re missing a rare skill. Fixed for G5 at least.

  3. TC stated that it will remain as it is.

  4. Every developer wants to push as many FPS as possible yet they have to deal with reality: Xbox One cannot push constant 60 fps in campaign / horde and the One X barely does. (add sentries and you’ll quickly start seeing ugly fps drops).

Bottomline: G4 is dead, long live G5.

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3). 2-3 is best for Social. Or else, play Comp Social.

4). The Xbox One X is what you are looking for.

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Halo Infinite is also around the corner. That’s not stopping 343 from providing updates and support for previous games.

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Maybe. But isn’t 343 also a bigger studio than TC? And I’m not saying they should abandon Gears 4, but their focus is on Gears 5 and that’s fine with me. Besides, they apparently have details on their plans for Gears 4 after 5 is out that they will share with us… eventually. If I remember this right.

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We should know about the future of 4 in the next couple of weeks.

I imagine it will still be playable but have very little to no support.

Guess we will find out soon.

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Ah, didn’t know that. That’s interesting.

Yeah, no way they work on Gears 4 at this point. Many of the problems we hit, we as in all the people I have played with, are problems that were there all along. I just honestly hope that Gears 5 does not have them. Sucked seeing them in the test stuff. I hated being way up only to watch the ping of the other team jump way up while they just sponged bullets. Only to return to normal after they took the lead. That ■■■■ happens in Gears 4 sometimes. Beat a team down and you get in with them again. You blow them away in round 1. Then start to do the same in round 2 and then their pings go wacky. Like from 20-40 range to 300+. Had this happen once today.

I just cannot see the point in Gears 4 updates now though. If you like 4 you really should like 5. Some new weapons but felt very Gears 4.