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A few things I want to ask for in gears 5

Sorry to make so many posts recently but one more thing has come to my mind recently that i want to “You guessed it, ■■■■■ about” lol sorry… im a crybaby i know…

Please allow me to play private MP without an internet connection. i could do this in all the other gears… no excuse… its just trash design… no if, ands, or butts. lol butts.

Second, let me choose 1 bot in a private match if i want… i shouldnt be forced to fill a lobby if all i want to do is practice wall bouncing while a casual bot does stupid things on the map… there is no excuse. gears 2 did this, 3 etc… you can also…

i can prob add some more but just a few things i thought about… another… horde offline… get over yourself with this crap already… could play offline in gears 2, can play offline in gears 3… etc… why the hell is your game so special i need to be online 24/7? This pisses me off… i paid for the game, i want to play it how i want. i cant play online, with out internet or gold. thats fine… but no excuse to not be able to play horde offline or mp… this crap in gears 4, needs to die and never return… if u are wondering, these are things in G4 you can not do… and its just dumb.

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You can do this (versus) in the full game.

The options aren’t enabled for the tech test because they are testing online play.

Please post any feedback in the official thread