A few question about versus

Tried to find a topic that answers my question, but didnt find it.
Short overview. Played countles matches social and ranked Gears 1, Gears 2 and Gears 3. Started playing again Gears last week. Downloaded bought Gears 5 and started to learn again all movement, gnasher and so on.

First impression: its still gears and thats what i love.

I know, i have to get used again to the controls, wall bounce and so on.

So my questions. I noticed that sometimes i get connected to a local server, my ping is below 20ms, and sometimes i get connected to a distant server where my ping is above 130ms. Is this a settings issue? Do you experience same behavior.?

The hitbox of the characters. In gears 2 different characters had different hitboxes. How about gears 5, are all hitboxes the same? Im asking because today i had a ranked match, where 2 of us shot like mad on 1 opponent, but we couldnt down him. The player used a human skin, very small skin with a blue coat. Was this a hitbox issue or just spongebob?

The gnasher is somehow unreliable within the same match. I had a 1 vs 1 encounter where we both wallbounced, reloaded both 2 time, i couldnt down the opponent and he couldnt down me. Was chainsawed from behind by another character. I have read the sticky topic “Tuning update …”. The topic describes the pellet spread, the pellet pattern and damaged range.
But even with aiming, 2-3 shots dont down. I couldnt find the damage difference between aiming and hipfire the gnasher. Do you know some topic where i can read the difference?

Sorry for the wall of text.

Yes. TC has confirmed all characters share the same hitbox no matter the appearance of their model in PvP modes.

Player population, quite simply. Especially outside of peak times and the US, by now, you may no longer reliably find matches on the server closest to you. Though you can set the search to be faster or to look for better connection quality, the effects of that might be limited too.

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Good to know. Thank you for the information.

You should change your matchmaking preference to “lower ping” rather than faster matchmaking. That will solve part of the high ping issue.

All hitboxes are the same, as has been mentioned.

Hipfiring gnasher does more damage at medium/long range than aiming in Gears 5 due to the tighter spread. That said, aiming still has its place IMO (I tend to do it when on low covers and/or when marking). But generally speaking the meta amongst the sweats is to hip fire.

I’m sure this stuff is published somewhere, but there are so many tuning updates throughout G5’s lifespan, I wouldn’t know which was the correct one.


Ok, that explains a lot. Hipfire does more damage. Didnt expected that.

Gears 5 is the current reigning King of surprises. Terrible, unwanted surprises of course.

Absolutely, im still automatically pressing LT because im still thinking that i have to aim. Have to get used, to hipfire more. I remember gears 2 where hipfire didnt work, if you were not the host. Hipfire in gears 2 was fixed with an update.
Gears 3 aiming with the gnasher did more damage because the pellet pattern was thighter.
And now gears 5 “do not aim with the gnasher”. I tried it last night, true, got more kills with the shotgun using only hipfire. Still im having the habit to press LT :neutral_face:

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In theory, I agree. In practice I think lower ping in matchmaking is a visual only. Lately I consistently ping higher than 40ms. Sometimes 70ms or higher, which is like cheesecake with strawberries.

Loving this game lately.

If you’re a new player, or a bad player — you shouldn’t even shoot your shotgun unless it’s going to be a chunk. LTing works, but it takes so much more skill as opposed to just walking at someone and playing for a one shot kill. You’re not benefited enough for being able to hit 3-4 LTs on someone and down them.


Can you please elaborate a bit more about LT “aiming”? Played gears 1, gears 2, gears 3 and judgment. In my opinion, shotgun of gears 3 was the best implementation.
Tried last night a lot playing with aiming and hipfire. For me it seemed that hipfire is much more consistent then aiming.
But i have to add, that my ping was +100ms on all ranked versus matches i played. Might also contribute to my experience.