A dumb question about something (kinda?) weird

So I’m on Windows 10, preordered Gears 5 UE a few weeks ago and today I noticed that the “install” button is not greyed-out anymore. Curious, I decided to click it and the MS Store started downloading something like 5MB. Now it says “Gears 5 is installed” instead of “This game was preordered” and I have the Gears 5 icon on my desktop. Is it something that was… supposed to happen? :thinking:

Dumb question, I know, but I’ve never preordered anything on the MS Store, so I’m wondering.

Its a placeholder.


The option to download the Tech Test will go live tomorrow, unplayable until the 19th though.

Like @GhostofDelta2 said, a place holder for the time being.

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