A curious Tour of Duty 3 fact for y’all

Has anyone wondered how many stars it is from start to finish on Tour 3? Well, look no further…

Using this “screenshot”, I figured some things out…

  • I’m currently 615 stars away from the Armored Ronin Kantus(obvious thing)
  • Knowing that I have currently gathered 11 stars in the Tour, I made the simple math connection that to finish the Tour ranks as a whole, you need to get a whopping 626 stars
  • The General rank in the Tour itself is 35 stars this time around, rather than 25 in the other Tours(or was it 24?)

So yeah… let that one sink in for a bit.

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Once I get Recruit Clayton Carmine I’m done with the tour.

I’d be a few stars closer already, if this patch wasn’t broken.
Considering I was done with all the ranks in the previous operation pretty fast, I don’t really mind.

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They probably increased the star count bc they’re much easier to get now.

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Would of been nice if they actually changed some of the medals this ToD

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Tbh I don’t think that’d be TOO terrible… if it worked. Because we have a lot more star-earning potential now, I think it would still take less time overall than the last one. Maybe I’m wrong, will have to see. In any case, I want all the liquid chrome stuff, but I don’t really care for the Kantus so I don’t have to go all the way at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

True, but that’s still quite a few of them. I don’t personally mind, with the permanent double stars from Boost this is still more than doable. Particularly with very little other current distractions going on irl.

Just wished they’d have not copied as many medals from Operation 2 and just changed their wording a little bit or changed which characters can do them. And the Basics sections is literally 100% the same as it was in Tour 2.

Can someone do the math on how many stars are needed a day?

Around about 6 stars a day, given a 13 week duration(based on the in-game timer). 626 stars divided by 98 days ≈ 6.39 stars.


I actually hit the first rank in the last tour the other day and probably won’t bother with this tour as well.

Well, it was bound to happen. Now there is 5 objectives you can complete for free every day, as well as earning stars from completing matches.

Grinding will be longer. But at least you can do it your own way. This is the price we pay for getting our way.

I really don’t get people, the tour isn’t supposed to be a cakewalk. To be honest I wouldn’t mind it taking a little longer. I completed 1 and 2 well before the ORIGINAL deadlines. And I don’t play that much. Maybe because I prefer Escape and hord modes I could complete objectives faster, but a few extra stars isn’t going to stop me from finishing it.

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Yea it’s never been hard, even with all the screw ups today I just got Winter Cole

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I don’t have an issue with there being more stars per se. Tour 2 felt a little on the short side with the permanent 2x stars from Boost. And you can earn more stars regardless of mode now too.

But the stepup seemed a little extreme from what it previously took to reach and finish General, but then, I don’t remember if it was around 400 or 500 stars required to get there. If it was closer to 500 it isn’t much of an increase and would just require a few days more to get to the end.

Not that it matters much anyway as currently none of the Tour 3 rewards interest me… especially not those awful Niles skins.

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Anyone know how many stars you get from just playing matches? And do the extra stars after completing the tour turn into xp or anything? Thanks.

Doesn’t look like there is any extra rewards after General in the ToD in terms of xp/scrap.

To be expected tbh, I would’ve imagined that TC would have advertised this if they had added it in.

It doesn’t look that bad in reality. As of today (3rd April 2020) I’ve got 247 stars so am more than a third the way there and I’ve only completed 38% of my Medals progression. Granted I’ve got Boost at the moment so have been getting double stars for the daily objectives, but it’s only been 4 days-worth.

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247 stars in 4 days is outrageous! Fair play :+1:

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Well, you’ve clearly played a lot more or done a lot more grinding than I have in the few days Op 3 has been out then. I’ve only gotten to Master Sergeant III or something, and only finished with three medals.

It’s probably going to take a bit longer for someone without Boost and less time to play though… although really, most of us probably currently have a lot of spare time at our hands even if for all the wrong reasons.

I still think most of the Tour rewards in Op 3 are just underwhelming. Especially the terrible and borderline creepy Niles skin set slapped into the medals for rewards when it should be a Supply skin at most… if it even deserves to be that. How are those skins worth doing Master Escape hives(hint : they’re not)? Most or all of the executions are also just borderline ridiculous/stupid.


Yeah I totally agree. The content for Op 3 isn’t really any different to Op 2 in terms of overall quality or quantity. While I was a little bit excited about Op 3, this was purely because we’ve been starved of new TOD content for a while now, with Operations being 3 months long, and the additional month delay. Starve a man for a month and he will feast on bread at the end of it as if it was the greatest thing in the world!

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