A couple questions for Blademaster mains

I’m trying to get all classes (at least the mains) to 20 for the skins… I am currently trying on Blademaster (currently 18) and have a couple questions for people who are good at it.

A) any tips for not getting kicked? Lol. Whenever I join any game of regular Horde I get kicked at the lobby lol. Has happened thrice yet and I haven’t yet started any game. Not even being Re up 50 people accept this class in their games :(. I am just doing the daily Horde map over and over which can be kinda Boring after a while… Especially in maps like yesterday when there was basically no bleeding.

B) if you enter a game… What’s the order of perks /depositing? Given you are kinda dependant of melee bleeding, and that’s a perk, how do you guys do it? In Frenzy I am spending all the 10k in bleeding to level 2 (just to have some) and resistance perks.
I’m also interested in regular Horde because there you usually have way less energy and well, I usually deposit all my energy for the base to be built. But Blademaster kinda depends on having bleeding.

C) am I playing it correctly? Basically I am a sucker for Stim, and if there is a way for a class to have it, I use it. So I have the card that gives me Stim for being close to a power tab… And so I am always in the closes cover to a tab. If an enemy gets close I just B B long B and then shield it. For Scions and enemies that cannot be shielded as reliably (elite drones, elite grrnadiers, robots, Scions) I just go B B and then roll back hopefully I didn’t take much damage and get Stim back from being close to the tab, aaaand repeat. Is that it? Do you guys focus on killing enemies one by one or do you leave a couple alive but hit so you get Thrill of the Hunt working?

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Better start praying. And some of the daily maps aren’t really suited for Lahni, others are perfect though.

I don’t deposit until I’m done with perks. First point goes into bleed, rest into damage resistance, rest depends on how the match is going. I usually protect the taps so the dosh keeps flowing.

Protect the taps and you’ll be drowning in energy by Wave 15-20 depending on the map.

Comes down to preference. I use Blade Dancer / Brawler / both Range Deflc and Thrill.

Don’t, you miss out on the 50% healing.


and more generally speaking, Re-up 50 without Lv20 means you did some kind of exploit/script to get there which from my experience isn’t very promising in terms of skill-level - overall experience with the game.


I always focus on leveling up the bleed damage perk first and then dump the rest to damage resistance after. Depending on your play style, If you really want to kill the tougher enemies like Scions and elites quicker, use a breaker mace. The mace “stuns” the enemies when you’re smacking them repeatedly with it. It even prevents the elite drones, grenadiers, and snipers from hitting you without hesitation like they always do when you’re knifing them. Although ice scions sometimes can still freeze you even though they’re “stunned.” Always gotta be extra careful with those guys. As for cards, I like to use Brawler, Shock Chain, Thrill of the Hunt, Blade Dancer and Energy Surge. I get my ultimate back rather quickly when using the mace.

I would recommend reading through previous threads, they have good advice and may have answers to your questions.

I spend the all four perks evenly, melee bleed, health regen, health and damage resist. If was to play melee bleed, I would use blade dancer, energy surge, thrill of the hunt, shock chain and brawler. I would buy breaker mace and use it from wave 1. Ammo box replenish it completely. You should try to stay near taps or fighting between multiple taps, running back or forth. You would want to use flashbang against warden, stumps, ice scions or the tougher enemies. Even carrier/ snatcher can get stunned by flashbang, before you use electroblade ult or breaker swings on them.

That recent nexus daily would have been an exception since it has -90% bleed. In that case, I would have used something like brutal claw, energy surge, gnasher card, on the flank and one more optional, maybe efficient executioner or something.