A couple questions for a returning player

  1. how’s the new Ranking system (Preseason)
  2. why did they remove highest rank achieved and will they add it back? under stats in war journal
  3. do they remove skins etc from the store (timed) ? or just the featured


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The new Ranking system is alot better than the last. But it does have issues with cap limits and being to generous with gp on eliminations. Those will be adjusted and ready after preseason.

Idk why they removed the highest rank but the are expanding the war journal a little but it’s just not a priority atm.

The new store is permanent. No time limits.

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IMO I like it more, fits an understandable ELO-esque system. So far I have no issues and the ability to “Break even” on a loss versus just losing rank is a great addition because it means if you do well and your team won’t, it won’t set you back too far but just barely for the time being.

I’m not sure but maybe they thought it was a waste since it changes every 4 months.

I believe skins under “Character Skins” can never leave, “Featured” will leave and return permanently later, but appear momentarily to be “exclusive” for early buyers. And “New” skins will appear in the “Operation 4” tab and most likely will be moved to just “Character Skins” when the OP ends.

This is what’s great about doing a preseason because it allows them to make fixes. I mean the game’s a year old already but at least it’s there.

Edit: I made this comparison with a friend of mine, but to give TC credit I think they’re doing better with Gears 5 than 343 with Halo 5/Infinite. Players disliked Classes, FOMO store and 6-shot Gnasher with slow gameplay? Get that outta here. While I hear just about every Halo player complain about Sprint and abilities which are still in the next Halo game, TC did drop the ball but at least they’re listening to some extent, it’s just not as fast as most of us would presume and they only started listening as it hurt the game. But–it’s better than nothing.


I honestly hope TC adds other criterias to the rank system besides just cap/breaks/eliminations(Koth). Hopefully they can separate the type of assist. Maybe some GP awarded by a certain type of ribbons you get. Like a quint and above like some game changing plays on Koth can be rewarded, spot, etc,etc and so on. I believe that just might be to complex for TC though.


yeah I do think the war journal needs a update.
when did they say that?

A few streams ago. They didn’t seem like it was gonna be anything big or good like past gears but they did mention more stats, than they removed the highest rank reach from leader board smh.

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yeah I hate that because I scratched and clawed for masters in several modes even when it was broke and would randomly reset me and other players.
I hope they add more to the stats leaderboard and bring highest rank back along with other stuff like ribbons!

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The ribbons are a must. The one I mostly want is the wins lost ratio for KOTH and total kills and deaths.