A couple of suggestions

So as we know the system doesn’t appreciate duplicate characters for Horde and Escape. Could we get a preferential system? So if there is a duplicate, and we don’t get the character of choice, the system will go to the next preferred character?

For example, If I chose Lahni, but the lobby I join has Lahni already, and I lose the RNG roll, I would prefer to set whom I go to next. Not the next most played character. Preferrably allow me to set a ranking system of 1 through 3 for Escape, and a 1 through 5 system for Horde.

Map selection and lock in takes a full minute currently. This is excruciatingly long time to sit and wait when you are ready to jump into the action as soon as possible. Could we please get a ready system that allows players to ‘ready’ status by pressing a button? Ideally this will allow the majority rule, were over 50% are in ‘ready’ status makes the timer skip down to 10 seconds to start the actual load into of the game.

Appreciate your time and efforts and I am enjoying the game so far!

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Nice suggestions, definitely would prefer to allow duplicates in Horde and Escape, but the timer is also a good idea