A couple more arguments in favor of showing ranks in-game

I have to keep pushing for this, because it really detracts from the experience for me. Playing a ranked game for a rank and then nobody knows your rank is like telling a chick you’ll call her but never getting her number… bad feel. I’m also 99.9% certain that it is objectively a bad decision not to show ranks, and I’m going to make a case why.

  1. It doesn’t actually solve anything. This pretty much demolishes the decision on its own. Ranked players are still on the forums, in the streams, on Twitter, etc. telling you the SBMM is not working well. It’s fairly obvious to most players after the first couple minutes who knows what they’re doing and who’s the new guy. Now we have matchmaking issues and we can’t see ranks. Not seeing ranks is also bad for us logistically, because…

  2. We can no longer gauge easily how we’ll need to play and who to look out for. Back in the days when Gears 4 showed your rank before the end of the match (the good old days?), I could check out who the lower-level players were and have some idea of how I might need to adjust my own playstyle and/or “watch over them”. Now, it’s a lot harder to do that, though I do still try.

  3. I’ve heard the argument that “you don’t know who’s moving up” when you see ranks. I’ll be frank… that argument feels insulting in a lot ways. You’re not wrong, but come on. We’re not stupid; if there’s a Silver 1 on my team who is blowing everyone away, I’m not gonna be like “herp derp, how did a Silver do that?!” I’m gonna be like, “oh, that guy’s on the fast-track to Onyx” or whatever. Now, if you wanted to include a little “up arrow” that was visible only to other players to indicate they’ve gained > 1,000 points consecutively or something, go ahead… I don’t think it’s a bad idea, and maybe it would help others, but I personally don’t care much.

  4. The experience itself is seriously tarnished for the players who are putting in HUGE numbers of hours (like myself) to grind for rank. We want people to see how we’re performing and we want to see how others are performing. Competition isn’t just a solo thing, competition is appreciating yours and others’ growth, and this simple decision not to show ranks really dulls down the whole experience in an emotional way that’s hard to put one’s finger on.

  5. We get skins that show the highest rank we’ve received anyway…

  6. Since the main push-back on this from you guys has been the point I made in #3, here are different ideas for how you could display “ranked movement” (again, I seriously don’t think it’s important, just trying to cover my bases here): -> Display a number next to player cards in the lobby showing how many consecutive wins they’ve had. -> Display an “up arrow” or “down arrow” (or just an up arrow, alternatively), visible only to other players, that indicates that player has gained or lost > 1,000 skill points (or some other number) consecutively. -> Display an “up arrow” that indicates the player has previously achieved a higher rank than is currently displayed, either in this game mode or in others.

Alright, well that’s all I’ve got for now. I really hope you guys will reconsider your decision; I understand that some thought probably went into it, but it hurts the experience for some of us and it has no obvious advantages. Would be interesting to see what others think of this as well.


Didn’t even read this, but completely agree that ranks need to be shown.


I concur

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I read as far as the analogy about a chick and a phone number or something, then decided to not read the rest.


Why does it matter what someone else’s rank is to enjoy the game. Either you are better and ranking up, or the ranking system is flawed and doesn’t matter.

Scoreboards ruin gaming. Please don’t use algorithms that measure unknown things to value your worth. Play for enjoyment. Let pro leagues have scoreboards and the rest of us have fun.

Transparency is not a bad thing here and I’ve seen no compelling arguments against it.

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Because it sucks when you play your heart out, and the brand new rank 1, not reupped,goes 0 for 30deaths and tanks your team… you know why.

Totally get where you’re coming from, but playing competitive games is just what I do, so the rank is a lot of the fun for me personally. Before Gears it was all fighting games, and those games are not shy about letting you know who’s a noob and who’s not. :grinning:

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TC stopped showing it completely cause they know the rank system is jank af. In gears 4 when I’d see the ranks at the end of a match it would be so unbalanced. Bunch of onyx and diamonds mixed with bronze and silver. What’s hard to understand? Silver with silver, gold with gold, onyx with onyx etc. And if you’re over performing in your tier you get ranked up not placed incorrectly. That was my experience with gears 4. I’d stay stuck in silver no matter how well I performed and be placed with onyx/diamonds. Like if I’m spanking these onyx players that why aren’t I onyx? It still confuses me to this day.

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Tbh, lately I haven’t had much difficulty with the ranking system. I think it’s WAY better than it was at the start. If I underperform, I go down, and if I perform well, I go up. I don’t have many of those “wtf I played really well and lost points” moments any more. It gets a little frustrating at high ranks, but that’s the nature of it, because there are so few spots to fill.

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no, just because people will quit as soon as they think the matchmaking is unfair
please let’s start complaining about the matchmaking itself

The ranking isn’t the problem it’s the matchmaking. I still have the same issue as gears 4. Stuck in low ranks but I’m being matched with diamonds and master. I know cause the use the rank skins. The game knows my skill is on par with high ranks it just refuses to give it to me. Lately I’ve somewhat been able to consistently go up but not by a lot.

I honestly dont care either way, but if they do start showing rank there will be even more whining in the forums than there is now. About 1) Being put with low rank players or 2) being Matched against high rank players.

I dont think there is any real need to show rank. It doesnt add anything to the game, and not showing it doesnt subtract anything from the game. And you can already get a general idea of the average rank of the team you are facing from the Total Team Skill points.


Yea I feel the same. I’ve been playing for a few days just so I can make an in depth constructive post abut this. But it is part due to matchmaking being abysmal. They determine matches based off of skill rating. They rate me somewhere around Oynx I believe. They have me ranked at silver. But because they don’t show me any ranks of anybody I wont know for sure. I go off the average PTS of each team after the match. The average team Pts for games I play in are 63,000-70,000 per team. Sometimes I’m in a game where a team has 80,000 pts and that entire team is pretty good. I want to know where I stack up. Also why am I a silver 2 putting up a fight against players I can tell are oynx level but only getting 100 pts after a win or loss.

The ranking system is almost all about winning now. So you arent going to gain much unless you are winning mostly 2-0 matches.

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Now I have heard that. But I look at the breakdown after each match. I have also heard individual performance is weighted, mainly kills. So despite capping and breaking the ring in KOTH, kills mean more. I have lost some won some and even won some games 2-0. Still I only go up 100-150 pts after a game. Like I said earlier I cant see ranks I can only go off of average pts per team. I have like 6000 or so putting me at silver 2. the total team pts is like 66,000.

so 66,000-6000=60,000. Now divide 60,000/4 and you get the rest of my team is 15,000 pts per player. I don’t know what that ranks at but those are lobbies I am put in fairly consistently. And the other team is consistent with my team. If these are the lobbies I am playing in, then after a game where I perform on average with everyone else, win or lose I should go up in rank to put me on par with them. If my KD is hovering around 1.0 or 1.1 then that means I am equal to an average player with a rank of 12000-15000 pts. If that is who I am playing against. Give me their rank as it would appear I have earned it.

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Performance is only 20% of your rank increase now after the last Ranking update. Win/Loss is 80%.

Fuching finally.

I just hope matchmaking isn’t too screwed up now to fix itself over time with the updated criteria.

I feel like the matchmaking has been better for me since the changes to the ranking system; consistently experiencing more competitive matches and less lopsided affairs. I wonder how other folks feel the matchmaking has been, but I’m just happy to be playing to win the game and not thinking about an algorithm assigned score that I never even see, yet have to beat.

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It has been tremendously better for me since they rescaled the divisions.

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