A connection to Xbox live could not be established

I downloaded the game and im unable to connect to GOW4 sevices. A connection to Xbox live could not be established. Please check your connection and try again.

My Xbox live is connected, and my internet is good. How do I fix this?

Are you on PC?

Is this your first time playing Gears 4?

It happened to me before when I first downloaded Gears 4 it took about a week to be able to play

pc or xbox?

Its first time, im trying to play on xbox one s

Whenever I’ve had this happen, I’ve had to (both) reset my modem and do a hard restart on the console (Day 1 version).

Ah i see I had the same problem on my Xbox One S when I first bought I it. It came with Gears 4 then a week later the problem fixed itself but I suggest you message @TC_Octus for help with your game maybe you have an error.