A Compromise For Everyone (Cosmetics)

A Compromise For Everyone (Cosmetics)

Nobody likes the scrap system. It’s unbalanced, overpriced and the pack system that accompanies it doesn’t feel rewarding, it feels like slots. We came for Gears, instead we got a Facebook slotting game with Gears printed on the top. While due to the commercial misconception that packs are boosting profits, and the trend not dying soon–I expect Gears 5 to feature packs. While that may be so, it’s not too soon for TC to rework the system if they wanted. To keep everyone happy, I want to propose a compromise, and will be providing examples below if people aren’t clear.

This compromise I suggest, would be to make legacy characters, (Classic Delta, Locust, Cannon Characters) available through leveling/in-game challenges (Re-Ups, lifetime kills, Insane Campaign, etc) This means the fan favorites are earnable and feel good when you put the work in.

Then for special characters, (Zombie, Color Blast, Vintage, Gilded, Black Steel ($), etc) to be earned through the pack system. So players that enjoy the special skins would like to earn them through luck. I think it’d encourage the MP team to create more inventive skins (NEW SKINS) that people will be willing to grind for and roll for, while the old skins, like all (mostly) of the skins we earned in Gears 3/J/4 will be unlocked through leveling up, a true sense of veteranship.

Some examples below I could see happening:

Unlockable Characters;
V-Day Gear - Level 5
Victor Hoffman (E-Day) - Level 70
Classic Baird - Re-Up 1
Classic Cole - Re-Up 2
Classic Dom - Re-Up 3
Classic Marcus - Re-Up 4
Adam Fenix - Re-Up 8
Aaron Griffin - Re-Up 10
Chairman Prescott - Play 1,000 Matches.
Queen Myrrah - Complete the Campaign on Insane.

And then Special characters:
Zombie/Skeleton Characters
Color Blast
Black Steel
Holiday Skins
Day of the Dead
Etc Etc

Of course not exact, but it’s just examples to help picture how a system like this might work. It’s
not preferable, but i’d figure it’s better than ALL characters being tied to the pack/scrap system.

Thoughts? Additions? I’m all ears.

Buster Out!

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Scarp system definitely aint the Best and i really hate opening those boxes and with bad luck its nut that you might not get some epic skills while you try to get higher on horde, instead you have 3 same swarm epic skin and even scrapping All the doubles you cant get that one skill you havent unlock to make youre class good to inco.

Best and imo fair paytoplay ive seen is planetside 2 (maybe prize could be lower than 23€/month). So basicly im More willing to play decent solid prize on those months i play to get xp boost to get things unlocked faster, and if you dont pay you still can unlock same things with harder work.


Get out.

I like the idea , as most of us do and voiced, re getting progression unlocks. I think we will.
Such a large rosta now, TC could “give” away say 20 odd characters/Weapon skins without it hurting their rng.
As for boxes, If they just did away with duplicates and Greens,Blues in the premium packs, that would be a start.
Scrap is too low, or Gold cards are too dear.


I think it’s a great idea

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On a serious note, my thoughts:

(1) I strongly want all customisation skins to be through gameplay. So linked to progression, achievements, and time limited challenges.

(2) eSports is fine for real money transactions.

(3) However RNG has no place where real money transactions are concerned. I think it needs to be direct individual purchases, or an airdrop pack like the RTJ one which contains everything from that series.

(4) DLC which costs money must be gameplay related. I wouldn’t be happy for TC to just release some custom skins to buy for real money only. Paid for DLC should be things like canpaign DLC, new game modes etc. GOW3 had it right (although I acknowledge that they also included extra character skins too).

I just think that the changes to the gaming industry in recent years regarding microtransactions has gone too far against consumers. They tend to be poor value and treat consumers as piggybacks to be milked relentlessly.

I understand that the industry has changed and it costs much more to produce games, but the industry needs to look at other ways to become more economically efficient. Right now it’s very bloated, but it doesn’t mean that consumers should have to prop it up like this with extra money for poor value things. Granted fans love things like custom skins, but the cost of these things are very high.

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I get you, but sadly until some sort of onset gaming crash happens, they won’t go anywhere. The company is based on money. I’m not trying to justify it, it’s just why EVERYONE does it, they’re trying to make profits higher than the year before, which is only possible through RNG packs. That’s why at the very least I proposed this system. Of course all progressive unlocks is the dream, and even Judgement was nice, using an RNG progressive system. But the system itself won’t disappear. So we might as well Compromise. Don’t enable or justify it, but be smart enough to recognize nothing we do will stop it until companies hit rock bottom, like the steep Activision and EA are on at the moment.