A comprehensive list of Ribbons in Gears 5 (Community input requested)

The Trashcan - play Gears 5

The Gullible - buy Gears 5 skins

The Noob - think Gears 5 is ok (or better)

The Realist - do not play gears 5

The Truthspeaker - say it how it is re how abysmal Gears 5 is*

The Lover - reminisce about the Gears glory days

The Shill - be one of those two

The Dude - be anyone not of those two

*Sometimes this is bugged and reads “The Hater”…typically only happens after a “The Shill” has been obtained.

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I play gears 5.

I support the game by buying skins.

I see gears 5 as the best gears game.

I post about how the game is great and the hype train of negativity is overblown.

I reminisce about the past gears, and revel in its current glory.

I am not paid by any source to promote the game positively, but I do promote the game positively for my own appreciation of it.

I’m definitely a the dude, and not a noob.

Your list is bad, and you should feel bad.

I’ll get around to updating this thread guys, I want to test each ribbon myself to make sure I’m sure before I edit. Or maybe not. I’ll get to to it in a few hours regardless. Finishing up my Re up!

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Two more.

The Deluded - see gears 5 as the best gears game

The Laughing Fool - be told off by a forum member (feels bad haha)

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Bagman is kill the leader in guardian

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Thanks everyone, Still incomplete, but we’re getting there!

I very much want this list to be complete, so if you are reading this and know of ribbons that are yet to be listed, or have clarifying info on any ribbons listed, please make a reply !

There is one in versus for stunning 3 opponents at once with a flashbang, i can’t remeber what it’s called though but i’ve done it? Every ribbon should be in the journal like every other Gears title…but what do the fans know?

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Couldn’t agree more. They’ve made a brilliant game with very little menu support. Mostly focused on the items and shop, sad state of affairs.

I searched the Gears 4 ribbons to see if any jogged my memory as ones I had seen in G5.
I believe I have gotten
Happy Ending ( kill an enemy with the final weapon in Arms Race )
Standup Guy ( did not go DBNO nor die as the leader in Guardian )
Swift Vengeance ( kill the last enemy who killed you in a Versus match )
Nemesis ( kill the same enemy 5+ times in a Versus match )

Confirmation recommended.
I’ll keep my eyes open.

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Double, triple, quad, quint, half dozen

As above users posted:
Nemesis- work, i got 2 ribbons of that yesterday, but it did now work pre op3
Happy Ending -work, it works from the launch
Super - work, from the launch and it can count when you kill sliding enemy, not necessarily rolling enemy
Now we also get
Half dosen - get 6 kills in 4 seconds interval
Touchdown - win round with touchdown in gridiron - I’m not sure if it’s a ribbon or simple info.

For some reason I cannot edit the OP?

Sorry for the absence fellas. I have been pre-occupied.

@Ektope @GhostofDelta2 Can either of your do something to help here?

I am not sure why that would happen. Maybe if a thread is beyond a certain age?

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This is a perfect example of functionality being removed for no reason. You can earn ribbons but can’t check them. One of the many facepalm decisions made with this game since launch.


Has anyone got the gladiator ribbon? I got it when mantling over cover and killing someone on 2v2. Forgot to look what it was for at the end of the match.

Someone mantle kicked me in 2v2 but I pressed the button to counter it and gibbed them. No medal. So it doesn’t work both ways :sweat_smile:

The Double, The Triple, The Quad, The Quint, Half a Dozen, 7 Deadly Shots - kill 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 enemies (respectively) within 4 seconds

Getting it Done - Killed the Leader as the leader in Guardian

Lead by Example - killed 5 enemies as leader.

Get out of my Way - killed an enemy while holding flag

Goaline Hero - killed an enemy while they was scoring in Gridiron.

Oh ya that reminds me of one I have got very good at even on 4.

I Know Kung Fu - countered a mantle kick/grab.

I just looked at the ribbons for gears 4 - you know, when you used to be able to see which ones you have and what they meant. The gladiator ribbon: “Killed an enemy using the knife execution in an Execution or Warzone match”.

Well, I performed a knife execution on 2v2. Is 2v2 classed as execution because of execution rules? I’ll keep an eye out next time I manage to mantle kick and execute an unfortunate game pass noob.

It is cause ive got that ribbon even on 4’s 2v2