A complaint about inconsistency regarding PVE skins compared with PVP

Am appalled that he had the balls to ask for the escape skins to be put in store… complete and utter joke

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Yea, just scrolled down the comments after adding that post and saw everyone in here already commented (I’m slow lol). Sadly, when TC see stuff like that (if they ever do), all it takes is a few ppl with that mind set to get them to release the rewards over everyone else against it.

Well there’s no community manager right now, and given the support for the game is winding down they probably won’t. Fingers crossed anyway.

I just hope that TC use this as learning for GOW6 and how they deliver rewards, and managing leaderboards etc. I’m not a fan of time limited challenges like this. Especially ones with such tight deadlines. Also the fact that many of these sets were incomplete is crazy.

Me neither but if they do have such things moving forward, give the content its due respect instead of making a joke out of people’s time and effort (even if it means playing against AI opponents to earn them), it still has its meaning and value.

Doubt it lol. I’d like to think that as well, but let’s be honest…. Probably not.

Same. I don’t like FOMO stuff and I don’t like having to worry about losing out on a reward due to other factors beyond my control.

I wish they made things so that you could always unlock it once you reach a certain goal, not a race against time. The way Halo MCC’s seasons are would be nice in gears for tour related stuff, and any mode unlocks should always be available once a certain score or whatever is reached.

“more dependent on your own skill”?

Stacks always have an advantage over solo players.
There are players who got carried by stacks and won all the way to Master. How does this reflect “their own skills”?

…whereas in Ranked, you could also get carried to rewards. :wink:

However, in Operation 4,5 and 6, you didn’t need to. As long as you reached the GP threshold, you would be granted the skins next season.

I’m not advocating for one over the other. I’m not all for ppl getting my escape rewards that they couldn’t be bothered to put in the effort to unlock back then. I’m just saying that I understand the difference between a season of grinding in PvP vs escape. Most PvP modes require skill on top of teamwork, so acting like everyone who has some masters unlocks got carried is just ignoring facts.

There are a lot of PvP players who genuinely deserve their unlocks. There are some that don’t. No, I don’t feel I deserve their masters rewards when I didn’t put in the time and effort, just like I don’t think ppl deserve the whole batch of escape rewards…. but…. I also know that TC view PvP differently. I know gears has always been a PvP focused game, so it stands to reason TC will always favor PvP over escape, horde and any other PvE modes. It’s the same reason there’s PvP esports and no escape/horde tournaments… they just favor PvP over everything else.

Let me be very clear…. I don’t agree with it, I just understand it. I don’t think it’s fair, I just knew this day would come.

The game is ending support and at some point we will get to the looping tour which only includes iron and coins. If TC wants to release the PvP reward skins then they should go for it.
Would I feel sorry for those Grandmaster players? Not really seeing as a lot of the top players just played a ton to get into the top 100.

And he is quite happy about getting those skins. :sweat_smile:

@Bleeding_Pepper I think summed it up in the other thread too that being thrilled at getting this skins for free isnt something that people who worked hard for them are gonna take kindly to

So now players with INCOMPLETE sets are the ones that actually played. What a joke…

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Thank you for this thread.

What Coalition was bad and insulting to the players that supported this game from OG.

In before the haters, Coalition could have repeated the same challenges to get the same reward or something close to similar as Escape masters now doesn’t compare to Masters back when the game was new.

Can’t relate. It’s funny to see everyone mald and act like their world just got destroyed over this, though.

It’s because of black phantom hypocrites. Keep it consistent.

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It doesn’t really surprise me anymore. The precedent has already been set with the Escape rewards in the tour from Op1 and 2.

Sad part is nobody really cares about this to the same extent of the Black Phantom skins. If a big enough fuss was kicked up I would guarantee that TC would take it out fairly quickly.

But I guarantee you if it was PvP this wouldn’t happen. What’s the difference? One community would kick a major stir if those Masters skins were in the store, and another one wouldn’t.

Just to make it clear though, I absolutely wouldn’t want any of the rewards from Ranked to go in the store. Those took skill and dedication and time.

Why not just put the challenge it was previously? Top 1%, top 5%, whatever. That would solve the problem of FOMO whilst somewhat respecting the effort people went to get the skin in the first place.

Exclusivity is a huge problem in Gears 5. And the inconsistency is glaring.


That would potentially work.

The only trouble is, is that overtime there have been lots of changes and fixes. Some of the old exploits for score runs no longer work (like the meatshield-active Longshot trick which essentially gave you both execution and headshot bonus for the same enemy); and some hives have been changed where enemies were changed, removed or something else, so somw of these requirements (top 1% and top 5%) will be harder.

It may require a leaderboard reset though.

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In Op 1 and 2. In Op 3 it changed to 5% because - presumably - dropping player numbers resulted in the fact that a simple Master completion on certain hives was no longer enough to get the 1% placement, which I always thought of as stupid seeing as it was already hard enough to beat the majority of hives on Master back then, and forcing score boosts to get a top 1% placement was not something I saw as very appealing when I was getting enough grey hairs trying to do Ice Queen the “normal” way with 5 proper skill cards, and the difficulty of that alone would have been enough to warrant a 1% placement rather than artificially limiting playstyles just so you could actually get the top reward when you already beat the highest difficulty. If you wanted to get a top 100 placement then I’d see the point in having to use score boosts. But otherwise, no.

Now yes, I didn’t care about the skins back then and kinda still don’t, but it was more a matter of principle than anything else for me.

That could be an issue, a leaderboard reset could work, although the low population could make top 1% difficult. A top 5% could be an alternative.

Plus a leaderboard reset would allow for more accurate times, especially towards the top 100, seen as every hive with the exception of The Line has an impossible 1st position in terms of leaderboard times.

Same for me. I have never used the Chalkboard skins or some of the Escape leaderboard skins I have, but it’s more the reward for the effort.

Its so obvious that this move has literally classified the PvE community as chopped liver and the effort that players put in 2 yrs ago meant nothing at all now but PvP rewards are worth their weight in gold and are gazillion times more presitigious and the effort should not be devalued at any point.

This discriminatory perspective has absolutely no merit and is a cancer in the community. PvE deserves equal if not more respect than PvP no matter what the perceived difference lies in so called skill or whatever to achieve certain objectives.

This glaring disrespect hurts. Not everyone is a competitive sweaty player. If the toxicity and trash talking of lower skilled players in PvP isnt enough from the so called Masters level players telling us to go play Horde or Escape like we don’t belong in PvP games, we don’t need the devs adding insult to injury and this move clearly has done that.

Given the freedom, I could have gone on a cuss ridden tirade but I preferred to show restraint. I had to put this out there cos the community needs to see the massive amount of disrespect for the PvE community by this move from TC.