A complaint about inconsistency regarding PVE skins compared with PVP

How about TC put ranked and competitive skins in store? :wink:
As you said, “they never made a “forever exclusive” statement with those other skins”.


Did they make a exclusivity statement on PvP masters skins? Not that any of us can recollect that being made. But if it appears in store, the reaction to that is obvious for everyone to see and it is not going to end nicely.

While your argument on the Black Phantom set might be perfectly logical, it doesn’t give them the freedom to keep one half of the community happy and completely rile up the other half. Thats not how you treat your players… bad move.

Half of TC doesn’t even seem to care about the PvE players. Considering the 500(obviously exaggerated number) different Versus events or variations of existing events that exist while we got like what, 5-6 unique Horde events(I don’t count Frenzy on tile maps as an event playlist, and the Terminator playlist from early on in Gears 5 as one because it basically just reskinned the pipe Locust, DR-1s and Scions), 6 out of the 8 Operations having a Swarm General reward, maps that are very clearly mainly designed with PvP in mind(Regency, Pahanu, to name two examples), amongst other things, there seems to be a bias towards PvP from them.


No, they didn’t make a direct masters statement, but I doubt those skins will be put in the store.

It’s generally accepted that PvP unlocks are different than vs AI unlocks, so I doubt the masters skins will show up. I get your point, but the unlocks for escape are a different kind of unlock than PvP stuff. I personally didn’t grind out any masters skins, but I also understand the difficulty to do so, and that kind of stuff has generally always been kept as an exclusive reward for the ppl who grinded it out to get them. Just like the current obsidian skins and Trinity Skorge won’t become available to everyone, I’m 99% sure the masters skins will stay locked.

It’s just a matter of the time and effort put in to getting PvP unlocks vs escape skins that can be secured in one run. It just doesn’t equal teh same effort and commitment, and since PvP is different (and has always been considered as such), don’t expect those skins to show up for all of us.

Forgetting all the work that had to be put into leveling up your skill cards and actually learning a difficult new mode that was extremely unforgiving up until Op 3/4…


True, but think of the ppl who have low level cards and have their friends run them thru to secure those unlocks.

Just saying that PvP is more dependent on your own skill whereas escape, you could get carried to rewards.

Dunno, I’m pretty sure there’s people that got carried to Master rank too. Or at least I’ve heard people complain about “fake Masters”.


I agree they are not the same but when you have players who focus on one aspect of the game, you are clearly denying them the pride of achieving something in their fun space but devaluing the effort being put in.

Speaking of PvP, I am from Asia and I play the game with 200+ ping. You think TC even care about the handicap I have in terms of connectivity or even finding versus matches. @GhostofDelta2 who is from Aus can give you enough examples of having absolutely crappy wait times and matchmaking rubbish we have to deal with.

Compare us to someone in NA who plays PvP with 1 ping. Even if we tried, its impossible to be super competitive beyond a certain point and when dealing with Diamond/Masters level players, you will be found wanting no matter how much you try.

Also PvP masters skins didnt even require you to sustain Masters… you can reach Masters once and then just lose and lose till you literally drop down to Bronze 1. At the end of the season you still get your skins.

With Escape, you had to sustain top 1%. If towards the end of the deadline, people posted better times and you dropped down to top 2%, you missed out on the top tier skin reward.

There is a clear difference in the time that was given to us to be eligible for the rewards back in the day so when we feel aggrieved about our pride and exclusivity being thrown to dogs, we have every right to be mad.

Back then Escape was much harder and unforgiving. Plus there wasn’t the same variety of classes to use; and for part of Op 1 the Hivebuster characters didn’t even have venom cards. I’d imagine that carrying a team mate would be much much harder compared to now.

I’m relatively sure Chalkboard and Stripes were Op 2/3 skins, but the point remains anyway. Most players probably weren’t even aware of the venom bleed build for Blademaster until at some point in Op 2 when some players made it known.

I’m SURE there were ppl that got carried, no doubt, but my point is that they still had to put in a lot of time and grinding to secure those unlocks. All it took for escape rewards was one good run. The time it took to secure one reward vs the other just doesn’t add up.

I don’t agree that if you unlock a reward via a specific challenge that it should become available to everyone down the road… just cause…. But I also understand the time it takes to secure PvP rewards, which could’ve been whole seasons for some, so the time and effort put in one vs the other just isn’t equal.

Just to add that the forumer who was calling for these Escape skins to be store items couldn’t even master these hives for Seriously 5.0 part 2 without being carried by two helpful decent forumers. :wink: They’re not even a PVP player - they just play Horde. So in this case it’s not even a case of PVP players getting a PVE reward, it’s just someone with a compulsion to collect skins wanting everything for minimal effort.


Perhaps, but there was still a lot of trial and error involved when trying to master a hive for the first time, and even if you had it down things could still go wrong.

If people really wanted to get rid of “FOMO”, just make others do the same challenge as others had to. Personally, I don’t care about any timed exclusivity in any way or form, but if I go through a challenge to obtain something, I would expect that someone who also wants it to have to do that same challenge, rather than me doing all 10 Master hives in Op 1 to get Finger Point only for it to be available for playing a few Coop vs AI matches later.


Of course!! I totally agree…. and I missed out on some of that stuff too due to how tough it was….But I’m just saying that I understand the difference between possibly securing a reward in one run opposed to someone grinding a whole season (and constantly having to fight to stay at the top) just to get masters unlocks. The time and effort spent on escape vs PvP just isn’t the same. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it.

Oh yeah that expression back in the day was such a matter of pride to show it off cos of the difficulty involved to master all op 1 hives in time… it became a bloody joke by adding that to the store for 2000 coins… :man_facepalming: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It depends. With how the OP 1 Escape leaderboards were done, the time pressure was much tighter than PVP ranks. You had to register a time within the week after that new Hive came out. If you registered the time after you’d have missed the deadline.

And if you wanted the full set (or as it turns out, not-quite-the-full-set!) you had to do this every week with a different hive so there’s an element of longevity to it.

I personally am not affected by many of these skins as I didn’t get into Escape fully until the last 2-3 weeks of Op 2, and at the time I was just after completion rather than leaderboard. I totally get why the OP is frustrated by this. While I didn’t get into Escape until a bit later, I’ve come to love Escape and appreciate that it’s a tough mode. Any rewards for any mode should remain as such, whether it’s PVP or PVE. We can debate whether challenges are too hard or if time limits are good or bad, but as it is, rewards are rewards amd should remain such.

Just an observation…. The “arid gale” escape skins still,say “escape reward” in their description, so it definitely hasn’t been added to the store yet, so it’s still possible that the higher rewards may stay exclusive. We just don’t know yet.

Anyway, just wanted to add that at least not all escape rewards got handed out for gears coins yet,

In op 1 it was 7 days… if you had a full time job and played the game for maybe even a few hrs you were literally playing escape all the time than anything else cos of the constant rat race to make top 1% for the current hive and then while working on the new hive the following week, keep an eye on the previous one to not miss out on the past hive rewards.

I was serious on escape from day 1 seeing that there were leaderboard rewards so I didnt even focus on mastering horde early on as there was no time limit for that.

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Maybe this adds to the current issue….

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Yup, that’s the person I was referring to. Couldn’t master any Escape Hives until carried, and just wants stuff for minimal effort.

For the sake of balance, I’m pretty sure that this same person also once asked for Trinity Skorge to be added to the store too. It’s not about PVP or PVE to them, it’s just about skins.