A complaint about inconsistency regarding PVE skins compared with PVP

By adding the Chalkboard and Stripe skin sets in the store, you have really made the PvE escape community mad. These were only meant for the top 1% ranked players on the leaderboard when the specific hive was in rotation. If you were a week or two late, tough luck.

If the skins were missed, they were gone. You had to be on point to post a top 1% time before the deadline to get every skin of that set. What is the point of having leaderboard rankings when the content has been completely devalued by adding them to the store.

Moreover you didn’t even complete the Stripe set (the Boltok skin was never given out even to consistent top 1% players) and we have to buy the whole set for just 1 weapon… pathetic :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Now can you do us a favor and add the PvP Masters and lower rank skins in the store… no you won’t do that cos the PvP community will throw a massive fit and you will buckle to that anger and not do anything like the Black Phantom backlash. :man_facepalming:

Nice job TC to please one side (PvP) and piss off the other (PvE). Keep up the “pissing off” work. :+1:



This is the first post I’ve seen on the topic lol.


I’ve got most of these skins and could care less that they’ve been added to the store, so your not speaking for me!, Having a superiority complex over a set of weapon skins says alot, even mose so when some of the sets were not even finished.

Top 1% back then was based on luck with rng card drops and
who had the highest score boost running.to say otherwise is stupidity. A leaderboard holds no value when players have different loadouts and you consider most were exploiting the grenade glitch ECT…


he forgot to mention they never add the loyalty series either to the store

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I thought I mentioned the words “Black Phantom backlash” in my post… what part of that did you not understand. That was the loyalty skins which TC tried to add to the store and the fuss over that was massive that TC had to give in.

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I felt the same when they added the onyx guard skins to the store - these were difficult to get from memory. Now I don’t care as I hardly use any of the skins and don’t care enough for the game anymore. I play more now out of habit, rather than enjoyment.


Top 1% required the team to have at least one or both score cards on, the one with most score boost picking up the cog tags and having to mark and meatshield as many enemies as possible and landing headshots on enemies like wardens or scions. There was a strategy to it.

Also on master you had to beat the hive in one go (pure ironman mode) which doesnt even exist now. Escape was a lot harder back then than it is now and considering the time you were given to get up high on the leaderboard was slim.

With PvP you didnt even need to sustain Masters rank…you could have hit it once and then dropped all the way back to Bronze 1 and you would still get the rewards in the end. With escape, people were always posting better times so you had to be on your toes to sustain top 1%.


I will agree that they shouldn’t be available for coins in store, they should be circulated in the weekly hives as rewards rather than Cxp that most people still playing have very little use for.
That might give a little more desire for people that didn’t get them to play Escape as it’s currently dead

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Doesn’t change that the TC maps are stale as old bread at this point. At least if you’ve played Escape with any frequency for more than one or two Operations.

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This I wouldnt have minded as much at all tbh even if it is far easier than what it was back in the day… at least it still makes you play the game mode and map and expects you to make the top tier cutoff to get it if there are specific skins that you might have missed earlier to complete your set.

Store rollout is just plain wrong for such content. Utterly disrespectful IMO.

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I don’t care about exclusivity. They could sell Team Rock or even any other general skin for 5 coins and I’d sleep soundly.
And yes I do have the Team Rock set.
FOMO needs to â– â– â– â–  off from the industry.


That’s not FOMO. If you didn’t beat the challenge, you shouldn’t have the reward.


The challenge is gone forever. That is FOMO.


Well, no one asks you to fear. :wink:

Whoever decides store items are a bunch of hypocrites.
They held back Black Phantom skins for the sake of “loyalty”, but released the full set of Ice skins(What was promised to be in store was only the Loadout set.) and now this.

If not for the massive backlash, the Black Phantom skins would have been in the store months ago and people would have purchased the set for chump change. They had to delay the store update to remove it cos people went absolutely ballistic here as well as on Twitter.

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OP, I have changed the title to make it forum appropriate.

Appreciate the passion and dedication you have :slight_smile:


Yea, but TC said a while back that all skins (besides the phantom skins and ice kait and one other that I can’t remember atm) would be in the store at some point. The PvP ones that won’t be are the top 100 and other similar ones, so we kinda knew these escape ones would be, especially if you unlocked any of those escape ones and just looked at it in your collection at any time in the past couple of seasons…. It literally had its “escape reward” description changed to “featured”… that should’ve been the indication the skins were being prepped to be added for gears coins at some point. Honestly, I saw that stuff a while back, and all I thought was “I’ll get the ones I missed.”

It’s not the end of the world… we get complete sets if we missed any and the ppl who’ve watched us run around with them for 2 years now get to enjoy them as well.

Honestly, if it bothered you that much, you should’ve raised a stink a few seasons ago when the description changed to “featured”…. You shouldn’t of waited til now to try to express outrage… it might’ve kept em exclusive if you tried bringing this up back in season 4-5.

That was different…. TC came out to say those unlocks would NEVER be obtainable after the gears 4 period ended. They got caught trying to give them out to make it easier in one week of “new” content & the community called them out on it, and they realized what they were getting themselves into. They made the decision to honor that statement.

The problem was, when Octus or whoever made that statement, it was a whole different group running the show at TC, that’s why they tried to release them in the store, cause the new group didn’t make that statement, but the backlash caused them to reevaluate the situation and they removed them from the store.

That’s a whole different situation than the escape skins and other pre order skins…. they never made a “forever exclusive” statement with those other skins.



Well, yeah this could have a part in it. I don’t see what the issue is. If a player or pkayers chose to do this, it was at the expense of an actual skill card.

Again, I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

I don’t see how the grenade glitch has anything to do with it apart from helping people to actually master a hive generally. Explosive kills and bleed kills are not and never have been the optimal way of scoring points from kills if you’re doing a score run. Active headshots and executions are.

If anything, the meatshield/Longshot exploit was the more relevant method, but this probably wasn’t even done that much in the early days purely because the earlier hives didn’t feature as many Longshots and ammo for it. But as these rewards were time limited and with Op 1 being especially tight on the leaderboards (1 week) everyone was in the same boat so you’re not going to get the same disparity in scores now that things have been changed, fixed etc.

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