A Company's Backbone: Their Community


Note:  Everyone is able to see the results of this survey after you fill it out! 

Hi Coalition, with the release of Gears 5 coming out soon (and hopefully more Gears versions in the future), I’m wanting to spark community involvement.

Now, the biggest thing the community has to understand is just because the community wants it, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit, but it’s extremely important to at least KNOW what the community wants.

This post is being created to help encourage The Coalition to be vocal with the community’s requests. (And the community should be open to the word “no”, too!)

Just from viewing the forum today, I’ve come across many valid threads which would be amazing for votes/polls:

I truly feel the community would love to be able to vote, and just because TC says no, doesn’t mean The Coalition is the enemy.

Whether The Coalition holds these votes/polls within the forum or within the actual game itself (which would be really powerful), this would not only spark amazing ideas, but conversation and potential going forward to the new releases.

Community, speak up and let The Coalition know you want your voice heard (while at the same time, understanding just because the community wants something, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit at that moment, or ever!)


I love polls.

Should be integrated directly into Gears 5.

Like MOTD.

Vote and get people engaged!


And therein lies the problem of democracy

Ya, but it’s their business, they make the choices.

All I’m suggesting is a way to voice our opinion through polls of some sort!

(And reveal these polls to the community so we can see the results!)

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I feel like I’ve read this before…like five minutes ago…

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At least this is constructive post :+1:t2: Hope fully you update this with the dev test feedback when post start flying in

I remember after the Gears 4 beta there was some sort of feedback survey you could fill out. I don’t remember if it had polls but I know there was a section to write whatever you want. If they do a similar feedback approach for Gears 5 (and they should) it would be wise that everyone take that opportunity to voice every concern that they have with the game, no matter how big or small. Even a minor issue addressed by a few players could end up making a difference.

Just something to keep in mind before the tech test hits.

When you allow users to type feedback, it can be a little hard to manage, especially on a larger scale of poll/voting system. (They have to read each and every one.)

If they create the poll in a sense of True/False or A, B, C, D, it’s a lot easier to look at the information they’ve asked.

But I 100% agree some really valuable point could be found through a “textarea” feedback form.

The third one I believe the PC icon is a Microsoft thing to be honest I always opt out when it’s a shooter

Hey everyone, I have created a survey to get your feedback!