A camo system that would be something to consider

So, I’ve always liked systems in games where you get rewards for something the more you use it. But I don’t know if any Gears game has had this before. If they have, I don’t see why they wouldn’t add it back as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

So, the system would work something like this; You get the requirements, and get the camo assigned with it.

The pattern I had in mind would be like the lightning camo from Gears 4 or how the Team Rock camo looks;
like cracks all through the gun with different colors flowing through the weapon kind of how like the imulsion courses through a Lambent; a thick, bright liquid dynamically pulsing through the cracks of the weapon.

These are just examples of what the requirements could be, and the color that will be unlocked with it.

Level 1, WHITE: 50 eliminations, 25 kills
Level 2, RED: 100 eliminations, 50 kills.
Level 3, BLUE: 150 eliminations, 75 kills.
Level 4, YELLOW: 200 eliminations: 100 kills.
Level 5, GREEN: 300 eliminations: 150 kills.

That’s basic levels that people can get when just playing escape, horde, AI, etc, etc. So, from there, you can move to more difficult levels that rewards people that love the gun, and use it more often that other people.

Level 6, PINK: 500 eliminations, 250 kills.
Level 7, ORANGE: 600 eliminations, 300 kills.
Level 8, PURPLE: 700 eliminations: 350 kills.
Level 9, CHROME: 800 eliminations: 400 kills.
Level 10, RAINBOW/SPECTRUM: 1000 eliminations: 500 kills.

Now, this ins’t the same for other weapons. Take a boomshot for example. There’s no way you’re going to make someone get 3000+ eliminations or a total of 1000+ kills, etc, etc. Special weapons would look something like this:

Level 1, WHITE: 10 eliminations, 5 kills
Level 2, RED: 20 eliminations, 10 kills.
Level 3, BLUE: 30 eliminations, 15 kills.
Level 4, YELLOW: 40 eliminations: 20 kills.
Level 5, GREEN: 50 eliminations: 25 kills.
Level 6, PINK: 1 double kill, 25 kills.
Level 7, ORANGE: 1 double kill, 25 kills.
Level 8, PURPLE: 2 double kills: 30 kills.
Level 9, CHROME: 2 double kills: 30 kills.
Level 10, RAINBOW/SPECTRUM: 5 double kills, 50 kills.

The only reason I can see this coming nowhere near the game is because if they add this, people might like the free skins you get from just using the weapon more that the skins they put out in the store, and not buy them.

So basically, they wouldn’t add this feature due to them losing money.

I love this idea as the cosmetics aren’t the hottest right now, and this would give people something else to go for if they like a certain weapon like the the Longshot, or the Gnasher, Boltok, etc, etc.

I don’t know. Maybe this just sounds good to me. I know this community is very strict on what it likes, and if someone else has a differing opinion or suggestion, they get shunned. Let me know if you think this is good or not!