A button dead zone

Has anyone noticed an issue with xbox controllers regarding the A button. It’s almost as if there is a dead zone with the button and your character stops running unless you hold substantial pressure.

It’s like its a defect. When held down with any variation of lighter pressure the character will stop running. I’ve been playing on xbox controllers all my life and gears since day one and never come across issues like this. This is happening mostly on new controllers and also my elite 2.

This issue can make for some sloppy gameplay. Am I crazy or am I not the only one noticing this.

It’s strange. I also noticed this issue trying to rapid fire the Snub or Markza with my Kait controller, which sometimes didn’t seem to register quick RT pulls in succession, and also sometimes has the A button remain unresponsive.

But when I decided to start using a slightly older XB 1 controller(because that rubber started coming off and I’ve not been bothered to try doing something about it yet), no issue with RT quick fire for the Snub or Marzka. Other than finger limitations. Still has the occasionally unresponsive A button issue though which makes me think it could be a Gears 5 problem.

Yep I thought it was me! I’m literally holding the A button and my character does nothing from time to time unless I push really hard.

This isnt a TC issue by any means in my opinion. It’s a MS manufacturing one.

I wonder if is something trackable by serial numbers perhaps. This way it possible to know which batch to stay away from.

Probably wont matter much longer anyways with the new controllers coming out soon.

It will still matter since the Xbox One controllers are forward compatible

I got three different wireless controls and it happens with all of them. Maybe it’s a wireless issue.

I haven’t really experienced these responsiveness issues in Gears 4. Mainly noticed them happening in Gears 5, where things like the game deciding your character does a 180 before rolling happen. And yes, I use wireless controllers.

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Doesn’t happen in any other game, just Gears 5

I’ve only got on my elite 2 controller.

I’ve got the extended warranty from bestbuy tho maybe I’ll take advantage of that and swap it out here soon. I’ll give an update on how that goes.

Pretty much what I was thinking/saying. Another thing to add to the list of Gears 5 only issues that were either not in 4 or extremely rare.

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This is true. Never noticed this on 4. Maybe I’ll go back and test the elite 2 and see how it goes?

I wouldn’t bother mate. I got 3 normal controllers all bought at different times. 2 over a year ago and 1 about 2 moths ago and all do the same thing.

I’d definitely give it a try before anything else.

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This kinda makes me feel better as a player. There’s been a lot of times that my character just went stupid because of this or did absolutely nothing.


Pretty positive its a Gears5 issue. I had similar problems with A/X/RT. Thought it was my controller, so I bought a new one. First day, same problems persisted. Doesn’t happen with any other game.


sounds like this

or this


Seems like any controller bought or made in the last year or 2 have some sort of A button defect, I personally went thoguh about 6 controllers all with the same issue, gotten from different places, made at different times, even different coloured ones, hopefully the new generation of controllers dont have this issue.

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If you guys change your button layout to alternative. Then go into button mapping. X to A, Y to X. This may help. People call it defalternative of something like that.

It’s definitely a controller issue and not game. I have a new controller and when I’m speed running surge if I slightly alter my finger holding down A I stop running. It’s the only controller that happens on.

Compared to build quality on 360 controllers which have all lasted me over 10 years the Xbox one controllers are shoddy. Elite controllers included.


Honestly if I had a regular controller I’d just take it apart and add a spacer in the A button cavity or something. Maybe it’s a spacing issue while being pressed/held down and Microsoft was slightly off on the plastic molds

I’ve taken series s controllers apart many times and it shouldnt be too hard to test the theory. Problem is I’m using an elite 2 controller and I’m not going to rip that one open to try it lol.